A page dedicated to all of the funny things Will says and does.
Cindy and I had really hoped to have caught all of the funny things he has said over the years in a nice neat book somewhere. Now we have caught a lot of things, unfortunately we wrote them in multiple places and can’t recall where exactly those places are. Ah, the online journal/blog – a perfect cure-all for my “organizationally-challenged” lifestyle. Unfortunately it won’t cure the fact that many of these will be much more entertaining to Cindy and I than they will be for most others. Here are the first few “Will-isms”:

“Dad – please don’t eat all of the ‘nem-men-nems’ (referring to M&Ms).”September 2005
“When I get to be 90, I want to go to a really big work like you do daddy.” February 2006
“I think the P.U.S. truck came with a package.” June 2006 referring to the UPS truck.
“If I wake up in the office and say ‘Hmm, where are I?’ I will just go into Grammy and Poppy’s room and get them up.” June 2006 referring to when he “camped out” in the office while Grammy and Poppy were visiting and staying in his room.
“I think that factory is closed. I can tell because there are trees growing on top of the building.”June 2006 referring to a run-down factory in Rock Hill.
“I just checked on Stewart Mom, and actually she was up to good.” – June 2006 when Will checked in on what Stewart was doing after Cindy rhetorically asked/commented: “I wonder where Stewart is? I bet she is up to no good.”

“Last one out of the house is a Man Biscuit!” July 2006 – Will’s favorite phrase to yell out whenever we are all leaving the house together. Sometimes he prefers to replace “Man Biscuit” with “Rotten Potato” just to up the ante a touch. If anyone can tell us what a man biscuit is without being profane, we are all ears.

“Mom, I have a flavor to ask you” August 2006 – Will still working through the finer nuances of the english language.

“Hen Jorge” August 2006 – pronounced “Hen hor-hey”, this is the name of one of his most favorite race cars. When asked how he came up with this unique name for a car he simply stated that he “heard it on a commercial when the tv was not on.” If we ever needed a reason to limit television watching…

“When I turn 4…” September 2006 – A few weeks prior to his 4th birthday and Will is all about the proclamation. For example – “When I turn 4 I am going to ride my bike, drink without a straw or sippy, and wash my own hair.” I can’t wait to see what 5 brings – my vote is for “mow the lawn”.

“When I grow up…” October 2006 – When asked what he wanted to be when he grows up by his Grammy and Poppy, Will responded with “I want to be a builder and fixer so I can wear a pencil behind my ear.”

“It doesn’t turn off, you just have to plug it out.” October 2006 – Referring to an electrical item without an on/off switch, Will reminds his dad that you don’t turn it off you simply have to plug it out.

“Actually I prefer the Charlie Brown CD.” December 2006 – Response provided to his Nanny when asked if he liked listening to The Wiggles. This holiday season Will went Charlie Brown crazy.

“Mom, the CVS truck came again!” December 2006 – Will telling Cindy that the UPS truck returned to our house with another package.

“This is exactly what I was hoping it would be!” December 2006 – Will’s favorite response when opening presents this Christmas. It was usually preceded by a bug-gulping audible gasp.

“The napkins are deleted” January 2007 – Referencing the nearly empty napkin holder. One of Will’s “chores” is getting napkins for the family meals (and straws – go figure) and today when the napkin holder was almost empty he exclaimed (much of what he says is exclaimed) this. We think he meant depleted which begs the next question – where did he pick up the word “depleted?”
“Poppy, do you have a 3-guy tent – dad only has a 1-guy tent.” May 2007 – Will asked this important question of his poppy after his first full overnight camp out where he spent the night in a 1-man tent with 2 “men”.

“Daddy – guess who I am cheering for?  The Great Big Packers!” October 2007 – What Will calls the Green Bay Packers.  Of course he would only be cheering for them if they are winning (he’s a bit of a fair-weather fan these days).

“Mom – pause the book I want to get a drink of water.” October 2007 – clearly a Tivo generation.


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