Uh…April, We Hardly Knew Ye


What happened to April?  I remember a few birthday parties in March, some allergies and even a trip to Charleston, SC for the Bridge Run and I remember going to Washington, DC in early April for Spring Break but the rest of April…poof!  Gone.  Easter happened somewhere in there, right?  I think we went to a bike race in Charlotte and I remember breaking one of my cardinal adult rules:  NEVER, EVER help anyone over the age of 30 move.  Ever.  Our good friends Alex and Tracy are moving into a temporary apartment as their new home completes build (they sold their old house in 1 day flat!).  They are clearly world-class friends as I did in fact break my rule.  I wasn’t even smart enough to break it with someone going from home to home but rather friends going from home to apartment to home.  The odd thing is either they have INCREDIBLY HEAVY furniture or I’ve gotten a good bit less strong over the years.  I’m going with some exceptionally heavy furniture for my ego’s sake.

So you want some pictures from our life in April?  Ok…here ya go.

Click here for a slideshow of Easter.

Click here for a slideshow of Random April Events (like bike races, allergic reactions and other everyday shots).

And Click here for a slideshow from our April Adventure Guides Camping Trip to Camp Cherokee

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Hard to believe Easter has come and gone already.  I remember last year’s like it was yesterday.  Easter marked the end of the lenten (sp?) season.  It also marked the end of an action-packed Spring Break for the kids.  Cindy arranged for fun activities each day of their break including trips to the Great Wolf Lodge (think indoor waterpark and hotel) and the Greenway.  Taking a few days off from work to share in some of the Spring Break fever was a few days too few.  We had fun.  The 2nd annual Baxter Helping Hands Hygiene Drive was a huge success.  Taking place during the Easter Festivities it gave folks a chance to donate and/or build a hygiene kit for those in need.  Nearly 400 kits were built and provided to the Fort Mill Care Center!  We are very fortunate to live in a place that cares so much about others.  Cindy and the group do a great job organizing events each year to help our community.  The Fort Mill Care Center is a wonderful charity that does so much good for those needing help getting through a “bad patch” in their lives.

In addition to supporting a great cause, we were witness to Charlie’s first solo egg hunt.  There was no particular rush for him.  He wandered into the 3 and under egg arena (I called this area “anarchy” although “uncontrolled chaos” or “a great place to tell the difference between parents of 1st children vs. those with multiple” would also be great names) and walked deliberately from one egg to another.  Often moving past eggs that didn’t interest him.  After about 10 minutes and not reaching his quota he looked up and said “aw dun.  Twain?  Cor?”.  He cracks me up.

On Easter Sunday we enjoyed a nice Easter breakfast, the all-too-familiar religious holiday shutout at church (think saved seats and standing room only) and then a nice Easter supper at Jenn and Jeff’s in Kernersville.    Mark this Easter as the year Will and Stewart watched their first Star Wars movie.  Officially hooked and loved every minute of both “Star Wars” and “The Empire Strikes Back”.  “Return of the Jedi” is up next.

Check out our slideshows below.  Easter first, then some pictures of the Greenway and Great Wolf Lodge Trip, then Stewart’s successful purple belt test.

Click here for the Easter Slideshow.

Click here for pictures of Spring Break.

Click here for a slideshow of Stewart’s Purple Belt Test (Tae Kwon Do).

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