A page dedicated to all of the funny things that Charlie says and does.

Charlie is starting to form words around a year old. From past experience, this is when it starts to get good. So far he has mastered “Dada” (which is GREAT in my opinion!), “Duck” and “Nana”. Dada can be used in context, duck is a default sound more than a word, and Nana means the fruit Banana or Cindy’s mom. He can find items when we say them but he’s not to interested in mimicking the word. Sounds on the other hand…this kid loves making the sounds Monkey and Cows make!

  • “Ggggggg” – stated as more of a growl than the sound of many ‘g’s back to back and it means he needs his ‘Ding’ (other families may know this as a pacifier, passy, plug, etc.). This “word” is also shared with the sound anything with wheels makes when he’s pushing it.
  • “Hey” – this is usually drawn out a bit. Think the “Fonz” from Happy Days meeting a new lady friend. He says it when you greet him after a nap or return from being away. If you are a 50+ male and in the grocery store you will get this quite a few times from Charlie.

Words at 19 months:

  • “Caaah” – at nearly 20 months, this is quickly becoming one of Charlie’s favorite words. It is referenced when he sees anything with at least one wheel on it. Meaning “car” to most humans he makes no effort to distinguish a wheelbarrow from a bicycle from a car. Rarely will he move without having something with a wheel on it in hand.
  • “Bssss” – there is one exception to the rule mentioned above with “Caaah” and that is this word. If you have wheels and look like a bus, van, UPS truck then you are a “Bssss”.
  • “Shooz” – if possible Charlie would sleep in these. He’s also quite focused on making sure others around him have them on or at least nearby. In his defense, he knows 2 things about shoes: 1) when they are not on his feet there is a good chance he’s heading for a nap or bed soon and 2) when they are on then he’s one step closer to going to his favorite place (see the next word).
  • “Siiiiide” – this means outside. It is by far his favorite place. This word is often followed by a tantrum when he’s told it is time to go inside or when he is inside and his brother and sister are outside.
  • “Shho” – to the untrained ear this may be confused with “Shooz” but alas he has found the power of the television. He only knows about one show and aren’t we lucky that it is Dora. Watching him sing and dance to the catchy theme song to this show is worth the negative parenting points we get for introducing him to the TV drug and subjecting ourselves to this show where the little girl always seems to be shouting. He’s particularly amusing when he says: “D D D D Door” and then does his sumo ape dance (imagine the combination of a sumo wrestler in a low squat rocking back and forth from one foot to the other).
  • “Dow” – this can be tricky. It means I want to get down. It also means I want to get up. Unfortunately he rarely uses it before stealth climbing onto the counters, the kitchen table or our coffee table. At the dinner table we find it can be followed by tipping his plate (and the contents on his plate) over or throwing the content of the plate by the fistful across the table. My advice to anyone hearing the word “Dow” from Charlie: heed this call with quick action.
Speaking at 2 years 2 months:
  • “On-nor-ajj” – this refers to the color that, in my humble opinion, goes beautifully with Blue. Orange. Tough one but he’s latched on to it. One of the first colors he said. This and ‘red’. Green still won’t be spoken of publicly.
  • “Toe-mas” – nearly nothing makes him happier. These little useful trains getting into this and that while being narrated by that creepy narrator, who was likely borrowed from the Christmas clay-mation story narration, can bring much delight. Rarely does he last through one show but he likes it while they hold his attention. Only the special lady below this one tops Thomas the Train.
  • “Doe-ra” – nothing, and I mean nothing makes him happier and madder. Happy when she comes on singing that delightful song and while she verbally accosts all those who listen to her wander toward her destinations. But then the madness hits. Right when the wrap-up song comes on but before they review where they have been. So not quite over, but he knows…oh he knows. And he let’s us know.
  • “Nudder-oney” – his favorite meal. Breakfast, lunch or dinner but rarely with both pieces of bread together which can make quite a mess. Peanut Butter and Honey, as most humans refer to this, brings great joy especially when served with the little guys listed below.
  • “Shish” – orange and lightly salted, these guys come in a box bigger than a milk carton. They are reachable on the bottom shelf of the pantry but they might as well be padlocked as he hasn’t broken the code on the carton opening technique. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, plain are his favorites!
Speaking at 2 years 5 months:
  • “Qweeeeen” – Gone is “Doe-ra” and “Toe-mas” and in enters this one. Lightning McQueen of Cars the movie. Ahhh-finally something tolerable…
  • “O Gush” – this is stated whenever he sees a bug, hears one of his siblings getting into trouble or finds out that we are out of a product (like gummies) and is exactly what is sounds like. Oh Gosh! Just very funny coming from his mouth.

Speaking at 2 years 10 months:

  • “Angel Fluffin” – his words for english muffin. When he’s hungry in the morning there’s no use arguing with pronunciation. We have learned the hard way his blood sugar swings are worth paying attention to with high urgency.
  • “Boy, you heaping trouble” – a line by Sheriff from the movies “Cars”. He has the accent down pat but the words get confused from the original “Boy, your in a heap of trouble.”
  • “Stort” – his pronunciation of Stewart’s name.

Things Charlie says at 3 years 5 months:

  • “Washee Sheen” – like “Dad, you cleaning shirts in the Washee Sheen?”
  • “Yiddal” – like “Can I watch a yiddal more SuperWhy?”

My favorite 6 year old word from Charlie:

  • “Bo-jing-os” – as in:  “I am only eating if we eat at Bo-jing-os!”  Translation:  I’m am only eating if we go to Bojangles.

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