Day 8: Edinburgh / York – London, Scotland, London Trip

It’s moving day, again! Edinburgh right to York. We were out around 9 to get into York in time to hopefully catch the York City Football Club match vs Spennymoor FC. I’m actually getting used to driving on the other side of the road but still fall into the old habits in parking lots. I’m finding my right hand and right arm is getting tired of gripping the wheel while my left hand does the shifting.

We also saw the return of Charlie the Car Puker today. It’s been a few years and sadly his aim into a huge shopping bag hasn’t improved much. Tough last two hours of the trip for all involved. Stewart and Cindy switched spots. Interestingly, Cindy argued much less with Charlie and Stewart did awesome at navigation once she tightened up her left from her right. Fairly important for helping navigate.

We drove straight to the York City pitch at Bootham Crescent where the crew working laughed out loud when we asked where to buy tickets. They “reminded” us that today is a cash game where you pay at the stiles. We quickly drove to the cutest Airbnb yet and then Charlie and me set off back to the grounds where we arrived with five minutes to spare. 23 pounds to the man operating the manual foot pedal turnstile and then up to the non reserved rows of the home stands. The experience of local English football was incredible. Maybe 2,500 fans crowded in a stadium that was almost 100 years old and a perfectly manicured pitch that shared time between the local football and rugby clubs. This was third or fourth tier English soccer with the away team in contention to be promoted if they can make it to third spot from fourth before the end of the season. York City played a great game but defensively were weaker and were beaten 3-2 in the 84th minute. When York scored their two goals the place was electrified. Sheer magic. The couple in front of us were watching their son play (#12) and he scored. I may have read a text on the Dad’s phone (I couldn’t resist) that said that goal definitely helped him get back in favor with the coach. He also won “man of the match” a high honor. Watching Charlie’s excitement to see English soccer was priceless. Seeing how good these guys were at the sport makes me pretty amazed at the quality of play overall. An awesome experience. The singing crowds. The clear understanding of the sport. The ages and gender diversity of the crowd. Excellent.

After the match we met Stewart and Cindy back at The Shambles, an old historic marketplace with buildings from the 1500s! It sits in the shadows of Yorkminster Cathedral which rivals the size of Westminster in London and Notre Dame in Paris. All of this sits along the River Ouse that winds through York. Boats, rowing shells, abound. A spectacular city – maybe my new favorite of the trip because of its walking and cycling friendliness.

Charlie and me snacked in Fish and Chips (awesome again!) and then we all ate at another traditional pub. This one was haunted by the ghost of Guy Fawkes (I think). Cindy and me enjoyed what else, but some Yorkshire pudding for dinner (mine sans beef). While authentic, still not fully getting what the draw of that dish is all about. Not what some of these condiments are all about. HP sauce?

After dinner back to the Airbnb for a nothing Gnome movie viewing. This time, Sherlock Gnome. Quite a cheeky movie and England appropriate. Aside from the mild motion-induced puke event, another great day across the pond.


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