Day 5: Liverpool – England-Scotland-England trip

Another lazy morning in England. I don’t remember having jet lag this bad in prior trips. Maybe a lack of exercising? Still so hard to get out of bed in the mornings. The kids found one of their favorite vacation routines this morning. Lucky Charms (you know their magically delicious!)! One day we are going to get a bill from some vacation spot that discovers one of my biggest fears: that all these years my kids have been just eating the marshmallows and dumping those cardboard pieces of unluckiness that comes in the Lucky Charms box behind the headboard. Accidentally eating one of those fiberous pieces of awful sticks you with a taste not even wasabi can rid you of. Oh, you got stuck on the headboard part? Yep. Unlike anything we’d ever allow in our own home, we let our kids eat dry Lucky Charms in their vacation beds. And just when you thought you knew you some Suttons, right? I can almost hear my five star Airbnb rating plummeting and this summer’s HHI home being canceled as we speak. Just speaking truth to power.

Today we took our second-ever walking tour (credit to you Seiberts!). It was a Beatles walking tour and it didn’t disappoint. So many Beatles facts packed into 90 minutes. I’ll repeat them all now. Just kidding. I did walk away thinking that maybe there could be a little more Beatles in my life. Then I spent the rest of the day hearing The Beatles in EVERY LIVERPOOL LOCATION WE ENTERED and thought, “nope, I think I’ve been playing The Beatles about the right amount in my life.” Imagine what Liverpool will think when someone hears a non-Beatles song for the first time. I kid Liverpoolians. I kid.

Speaking of kidding. Liverpoolians seem to enjoy a good joke every now and again. Once they commissioned a sculptor to make an eagle for the top of one of their three riverside graces (buildings). Problem was the sculptor had never seen an eagle. So he made it look like he thought an eagle should look which was apparently a mix between a large raven and a duck. And the Liverbird was born (Google it). This is really proof that the internet isn’t getting the credit it deserves as that just wouldn’t happen in these times. Taking it one step further, Liverpoolians have tied these Liverbirds (Bella and Bertie – Bella looked to protect the sea bound people of Liverpool and Bertie looks inward to protect the pubs) to the top of the roof of the building because as legend has it, if they ever flew away (somewhat laughable in itself if you saw their paltry wingspan and broad body – an emu has more shot at flight) then the city of Liverpool will sink into the Mersey River. So there’s that.

The tour took us to the Cavern Club where The Beatles played almost 300 times (along with almost every other major act since then). This place was amazing. We learned how the song title Eleanor Rigby came to be and spent some time on the tragedy of John Lennon. Throw in a little history about The Mersey River, the Irish Sea, some traditional English weather and the company that built the Titantic and you have our morning in a nutshell.

After the tour we made our way to Albert Docks where we ate at a restaurant that looked like the English version of an Appleby’s except we didn’t really notice until we were seated. This happens to us on vacations. We get near or all the way into low sugar mode (and by we, I mean Charlie maybe because I’m afraid to say Cindy) and food selection becomes very secondary to proximity. Decision-making slows and always worsens. Usually another factor is thrown in to cloud the situation further. Today’s random factor was a class of 30-40 middle-schoolers from France. Middle school kids worldwide are all the same. They talk all at once. Few hear anything anyone else is saying. They walk 4-wide minimum and never in straight lines. One of the 4-wide is sporadically sent sprinting in an odd direction with little indication of such action and less peripheral awareness. And somehow, they can convince a mid-40s male dealing with family blood sugar issues that all of this is no accident. Back in the English Appleby’s we ordered two beers, nachos and garlic toast and got on with our day. Not a total fail until later that same afternoon we realized that from the other side of the building we had selected the restaurant in the Holiday Inn Express. Nope. Not feeling much smarter. Anyone up for joining us on our next vacation? Anyone?

We made up for the lunch snack blood sugar fail with a quick sweet bite and coffee from another one of Liverpool’s fine coffee establishments and a nice rest and WiFi recharge back at 8 Vernon Street.

The biggest news of our day? Nope. You didn’t guess it. It was that Charlie finally bought his English soccer cleats. Adidas Pogba cleats named Elixor or Excavator or Excalibur or something like it. These exact cleats DEFINITELY could be bought in the United States at any Dick’s Sporting Goods Store but we wouldn’t have had to carry them with us for the next 6 days across three cities. But at least he can wear them while eating Lucky Charms from his vacation bed.


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