Day 11: Almost Mason’s Neck State Park to Lake Anna State Park (Spotsylvania, VA) – 86 miles

There is some Civil War History in these parts of the country. Today Manassas, Spotsylvania (can’t say it without thinking about Dracula for some reason) and The Battle of the Wilderness all in one day. Tomorrow, Appomattox. In fact, if I wasn’t between walls of cornfields and soybeans, I was likely on the Civil War trail. While a name like Civil War trail seems glamourous, it’s mostly speeding pickup and semi trucks. 

After what has become my favorite breakfast out here, wrap with banana, peanut butter and Nutella, I pushed off in a light rain this morning. Not so awesome. It wasn’t until 2pm or so that the drizzle stopped and the sun emerged. In fact, right at the same time my only notable town on the day, Germanna, and a Subway emerged. Cue the angelic music. I quickly spread out all my wet stuff on a sunny grass space at the Food Lion strip mall, ignored some funny looks and headed to Subway to order a tuna footlong. In hiking terms, Tom and I would have referred to this as giving the gear a full shakedown. 

Today I notice that I was either riding through peaceful farmland on lightly traveled roads somewhat longing for some commerce areas with roads filled with cars, noise, diesel fumes and food options or I was in an area with lots of cars, noise and diesel fumes longing for a quiet country road. This juxtaposition might mimic life more than I’d care to admit. 

Speaking of weird. This State Park entrance road ran three miles before I sniffed of any Campground. If hiking, I would have never considered something so far off the trail. Biking, no problem. Until it is just annoying how far you have to ride after feeling the joy of having made it. State Park trickeration. 

What I loved today: The sun coming out. 

Oddity: Near empty lakefront Campground and my long shadow. 

Zen Moment: Riding from paved peaceful farm road to paved peaceful farm road. 

Not-So-Zen Moment: spending 4 miles on peaceful UNPAVED farm roads. Messy and bumpy. Google Maps (said with my fist firmly shaking in the air)!

Who did I meet today? Not a soul. Could have met the other the three campgrounders but I wasn’t feeling it. 

Food I Ate: banana, pb and Nutella wrap. 2 bars. 1/2 of a Subway footlong tuna, bar on the bike, second half of the sub, bag of chips, the last two cookies from Bill and Sue’s place. 

Pictures: 1) Top – Camp Of The Wilderness graphic. Pretty interesting history. 2) Me and my shadow. 


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