Day 6: Rocky Neck SP (CT) to Fairfield, CT (72 miles)

Dilly dally. That’s what I did a lot of today. My legs were pretty tired so I took the day to just pedal less hard and try to look around more. Funny thing happened. I stopped more, observed more of what I was riding past, my behind was less sore and my legs feel pretty good sitting here in a bed (!!) tonight.  Google maps picked a winner of a route down the Connecticut coastline. Connecticut Hwy 146 is quite a gem. There’s a pretty big bike event on this same road that coincidentally, Sue (Cindy’s Aunt and my house host) is supporting a friend at tomorrow. 

Today was my first morning in a few where the roads were relatively dry. I crossed a few more waterways on pedestrian paths attached to a major interstate and enjoyed a few extra laps in the less attractive sides of Bridgeport when my phone battery died. Tough timing iPhone. 

The beauty of my day was knowing at the end of the ride I’d get to see some more familiar faces, socialize, take a quality shower and sleep in my first bed since getting on the bike. Pretty good incentive. Plus I had an excellent clam Pizza at Pepe’s Pizza – an almost 100 year old institution. 

I continue to be amazed by the quality of roads in New England. The shoulders are ample leaving almost no conflict between rider and driver. Kudos goes to GoogleMaps as it has helped find many of these great roads. That bicycle feature is vastly improved over a few years back. 

What did I love today: Visiting familiar faces and no chance in the forecast for rain.

Oddity: How lost I felt in an instant in Bridgeport when my iPhone battery died. Are we tethered to these phones like leashes and just don’t know it?

Zen moment: Connecticut Coastline (top picture). The Clam strip Roll with a side of seafood chili at Stowes were excellent. This place was a total dive in West Haven. Bathrooms were a port-a-jon. 

Not-so-zen moment:  Ever wonder how many expletives in a row you yell out loud after accidentally running into a pothole in a dark tunnel?  Four. I’m not proud of it. Ever wonder how many pedal strokes go by before you are willing to admit that yes, you have a flat?  Six. Twenty minutes later after a full bike unpack and I was back out on the road fully alert to the various holes on my route.  

Who did I meet: Uncle Bill and Aunt Sue! At their house. 

Food I ate: Bar with peanut butter, bar without peanut butter, pistachios, Starbucks Egg/feta wrap, lemon iced cake, large coffee, bar on bike, clam strip roll and seafood chili at Stowe’s in West Haven, strawberry Acai drink while charging my iPhone in Bridgeport (maybe that solar charger would have been a good idea after all), Pepe’s Clam Pizza and Pepe’s tomato pizza, two cookies. 

Pictures: 1) view into the Atlantic from Hwy 146. 2) flat tire repair 3) Aunt Sue and Uncle  Bill 4) lunch at Stowe’s


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