Day 4: Wakeda Campground (NH) to Milton, MA (just south of Boston) – 66 miles

I see you Boston. I’m not skeert.  You threw a lot at me today. Six crossings of I-95, five missed turns/u-turns, countless neighborhoods traversed because GoogleMaps wanted to keep me off of busier roads, multiple thunderstorms and some rush hour traffic slowdowns but I still made it. I rode the 66 miles in roughly the same amount of time that I rode the 88 or so the day before. What I saw of Boston was awesome diversity, super-bike friendly planning, lots of pizza and roast beef restaurants (is that a thing?) and significant American history. I also got to see a glimpse of how two cousins of mine (I married into these cousins) are living great lives up here and a third who is allowing me to live my best life in their home (thanks for sharing your beautiful house Brian and Coreen – you’ve inspired me to get one of those garage door remote things!).  

The day offered more Dunkin Donuts, a great egg sandwich from A little town called Topsfield, dampness and a nice mix of urban and rural riding. If you are following along don’t trace my route today. I zigzagged all the way down to Boston. Towns like Seasport, Salisbury, Newburyport, Georgetown, Topsfield, Danvers, Lynn, Revere, Chelsea, Boston, South Boston and Milton. Tomorrow, hopefully a more direct route. 

Here’s the rundown:

What did I love today: hanging out with relatives. Loved catching up with them in their homes. I even got to shower before dinner at Kelly’s (sorry April).  I even held a tiny baby and saw her smile. Cool stuff. Nice work Kelly and Greg. 

Oddity: Windmills. Saw two enormous ones today. There’s some energy I can get behind. 

Zen moment: commuting away from Boston tonight. So great to ride in a city that really gets it. Hey Charlotte and Fort Mill: time for a road trip. Bring your bikes. 

Not-so-zen moment:  GoogleMaps routing me all over the blessed place. 

Who did I meet: A guy with a thick Spanish accent who, like me, got caught in the rain while on his walk to the bank and Cumberland Farms (think Circle K). He told me hard rains are always followed by clear blue skies. Sure enough, blue skies came out (at least until the next rain 90 minutes later. 

Food I ate: Fuji apple, garlic wrap covered in peanut butter (not my finest moment), That’s It bar on the road, egg sandwich with hot sauce (not from Dunkin Donuts!), large coffee, banana, carrot cake Larabar waiting out a thunderstorm, pumpkin donut from, you guessed it – Dunkin Donuts while waiting out another thunderstorm, some homemade herbal iced tea at April’s and Some fantastic sushi at Kelly’s house. 

Photos: 1) (top) State #3, 2) inclement weather delay, 3) sunflower field, 4) crossing bridge into Boston, 5) baby holding – just like old times, 6) smiling baby, 7) Sutton- Fater selfie. 

Onward. Peace. 


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