Day 3: Winslow Campground to Wakeda Campground (near Exeter, NH) – 88 miles

Just like hiking, Day 2 is always a more efficient day getting out of camp than day 1. By 21 minutes this time. That said, it is amazing how many times you can say, “I’m outta here in 5 minutes” only to realize you accidentally packed the bike lock key. 

Today I saw another Atlantic sunrise – never gets old. That plus finding the toiletries bag I swore I left at the last camp deep in my bike bag. Sorry Mr. Manager in Camden Hills State Park who kindly said he’d check the bathroom and mail it to me if he found it. Seriously, everyone visiting Maine needs to stay at that State Park. Nicest. People. Ever. 

Early into my ride this morning I could tell it was going to be a hot day. I saw 84 degrees somewhere today which is like wicked hot for these parts this time of year. Can I also say how much I’m having to restrain myself from writing everything the way it sounds up heeyah?  You arah welcome. That’s it…I swearah- don’t wannah be too much of a pissah.

I rode on a road descriptively called Maine 88 early this morning. Worth driving down if you get a chance. It was the first day of school up here so every parent of a kindergartner pointed me out. “Look <insert name here> a bicyclist!”  As I got closer to Portland I got to ride near other cyclists who were commuting to work. You got to love people from Portlands. Portland must translate to “we ride bikes to work.”

From there I followed GoogleMaps onto what was a pedestrian only Greenway. Cool for mountain bikes. The off-road was less cool for my road bike. My arms are still vibrating. 

Allow me to use this next few lines to remind everyone just how right Maine gets small seaside towns. Today’s duo of Kennebunkport and Ogunquit were the latest (and last) of the Quintessential Maine towns. Kudos to whoever decided they can’t have enough towns like that. You were right. 

After a tasty Lobster Roll down Perkins Cove Road in Ogunquit, I slowly rode out of Maine towards Portsmouth. I crossed this cool drawbridge and boom! I’m in New Hampshire. Nice knowing ya Maine. NH keeps it low key, no “Welcome to NH” signs here. Just a huge body of water, some crazy old buildings on narrow streets in Portsmouth, white-steepled churches everywhere and bakeries what seemed every third shop (or maybe I was just hungry). I pushed on as it was getting late and one of the few campgrounds in the area, Wakeda Campground, was still about 20 miles away.   

Side note. People seem to live in campgrounds. RVs are decorated. Some have planted shrubs and flowers. Some have seasonal lights.  The world never ceases to amaze me. I also learned a tough Campground lesson tonight. Sometimes you need a quarter to make the shower’s hot water work. Don’t forget that quarter. I’ll only make that mistake once. Brrrrr. 

What did I love today: More cool Maine towns, especially the one with the Lobstah roll and chowdah! Sorry. It slipped. 

Oddity: Although from yesterday, I saw an older man in Bath, ME pushing a cat in a net-covered cart. Cats should only be transported to the vet. 

Zen moment: Toss up: Kennebunkport and Ogunquit towns or riding through historic Portsmouth, NH. Admittedly, I’m not exactly sure why it is historic but had the feel of some serious history. Anyone want to enlighten me?

Not-so-zen moment: the East Coast Trail/Greenway. Super serene and loved the no motor vehicles part, but my road bike wasn’t cut out for the off road experience. Hey Google Maps people: might want a note on this in your next upgrade. While I’m at it, you might also want to stop routing bikes over the I-295 bridge to Portland, ME. You almost got me there. Instead, I got a nice tour of South Portland’s finest mall areas. 

Who did I meet: Charles from Nova Scotia. My Campground neighbor. He is a bike touring guy but didn’t do a tour this year for an undisclosed reason. He tours with his wife on a tandem. What says you, Cindy?  I bet we could get up some real speed on the downhills. Yup. Kidding. 

Food I ate: banana, cashew cookie Larabar at camp, That’s It bar while riding, another egg and cheese bagel from Dunkin Donuts with a pumpkin donut (I’m a sucker for a seasonal donut) and cold brew chaser, then next door for some power that cost me a small Starbucks coffee, then a lobster roll (finally!) and clam chowdah in Ogunquit followed by dinner of hummus and wrap, pistachios and cheese from yesterday. The Lobster Roll at the end of Perkins Cove road came on Dad’s recommendation and it didn’t disappoint!  Added bonus was not having to pay $15 to park down there – bikes are free. Last note, after pushing past Portsmouth to get to a Campground, the kind ladies in the office shared some just baked chocolate chip cookies with me. I must have looked like I needed them. 

Pictures: 1) Top: Kennebunkport, 2) Greenway,  3) More Kennebunkport 4) Lobster Roll, 5) Bridge to Portsmouth. 


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