Day 1: Bah Habah to Camden Hills State Park – 75 miles

Indulge me while I explain myself.  A week ago I pulled the trigger to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. It was inspired by a year that has seen my cycling hobby re-energized into somewhat of a habit due in part to chronic calf issues causing my running habit to take a break. It was enabled by my best friend (and also my wife – I’m blessed to have met her over 20 years ago) who said “you should go do this.” It was afforded because I’m going through a job transition. “When are you ever going to have a better shot at something like this?” kept ringing in my head. It was encouraged by a few friends who happened to catch me at a chatty moment or who found themselves riding with me. 

So, what is it? I took off on my bike from the Bah Habah Bike Shop this morning around 9:45 and ended up 75 miles down the road in Camden Hills State Park. In between I stopped for lunch at a Hannaford’s grocery store, lunch two at a Subway in Belfast where I convinced myself I could beat the rain. I couldn’t. About 10 miles into my last 17 it unleashed. A steady straight-down rain. The rangers at the State Park felt sorry for me and let me throw my tent in a sheltered area and use their…wait for it….warm showers!  

You may have questions. Here are some answers:

  • Where are you headed? Tomorrow Freeport, Maine. Ultimately, back home or the furthest point south that gets me home in time for Will’s birthday.
  • Why? To see if I can. To see a cool part of the US on my favorite mode of transportation. Because I’ve always wanted to do a bike tour. 
  • Who’s with you? Me, myself and I. 
  • What’s the setup? Two wheels. Giant OCR road bike frame. Handlebar bag. Two Ortlieb rear panniers. A one-man tent. A sleeping bag and pad. Clothes. 
  • How do you know where to go? I’m following the East Coast Greenway. Around Washington, DC I’ll have to decide Shenandoah or NC coast. 
  • Am I hoteling it? I’m trying not too. Camping mostly. If you or someone you know wants a visitor and you are on my general path let me know. 

So as I ride I’ll keep posts short and sweet (unlike this one). Maybe stay with bullets. 

  • What did I love today: texts/calls from friends/family; craggy shoreline views; a bouy bell ringing out in the ocean. 
  • Not so much: the steady rainfall since 4:30pm. 
  • Oddity: Maine men have a look. Long beards, hair and old jackets. 
  • Zen moment: warm shower after a steady, cold rain.
  • Who did I meet: Moe from Amazon Taxi, Mora at the SP, Pete at Bar Harbor Bikes.
  • Food I ate: cereal and donut, coffee, banana, apple, hummus wrap, boatload of deli olives, 1/2 Snickers, Footlong flatbread veggie sub from subway. 

Pictures: 1) the start at Bar Harbor Bike Shop. 2) The aftermath – beautiful morning view of the Atlantic/Penscobat Bay. 3) The rain. 4) pre-rain in Belfast. BTW – Belfast and Camden are great Maine towns. 

Onward. Peace. 


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