August 2017 – Spain Day 7, Backroads Day 5 72K Loop in Costa Brava Region

Costa Brava?  No, Costa BRAVO!  An absolutely amazing region in Spain complete with countryside/farmland riding, seaside beach towns and cliff side coastal towns complete with cliff jumping (just ask Brian and Karen).  So beautiful the pics likely won’t do it justice. So made for bikes that only riding into these places on two wheels can convey the essence. 

The days are running together in a good way so long as you don’t remind yourselves we are nearing the end of a fun trip. My legs remind me regularly that we didn’t just coast across Spain. We rode all over the Northeast region smack in the middle of a heat wave with record temperatures being set daily. I’ll forgo my stance on global warning for sake of the readers. Here are the highlights and observations. 

  • Spain, meet me at camera three, whatever you are doing with tomatoes, keep doing it. I won’t tell Italy yours are better. 
  • We met a guy named Fuji today. One of Danny’s (our guide) friends. He was the world’s number 2 trials motorcycle rider IN THE WORLD for SEVEN YEARS STRAIGHT!  Just out for a morning spin in Spain. Cool. 
  • Spain is Italy with a little less judgment. A similarly relaxed environment but not trying too hard to be that way. Very appealing. 
  • Spain seems to start work around 10am. A huge number of pelotons ride in the morning from 7:30-9:30. Seems dreamy. Maybe they work later to make up for it?
  • Costa Brava reminds me of what Monaco must seem like. The number of luxury cars we saw might have something to do with it. 
  • The extra 5K to the small town of Begur was worth the view of the castle, pirate-evading towers and cool Cuban-influenced architecture. The ride to the top alongside or behind Danny was also really cool. He hardly broke a sweat. Amazing cyclist. Great human. The downhill at 65KPH made it even more worth it. 
  • Picking up Brian on bike coincidentally on our way back to Mas Torrent was a cool way to end the day. 
  • We had fun pool time on this trip – more than I remember in Italy. Maybe too much fun.  Note, I did NOT post a picture of Cindy sleeping poolside here. I’m getting smarter with age. 
  • Jeff pulled a fast one and made some folks weepy with his words last night at dinner. Very kind and heartfelt words were shared by all. There’s a closeness that doing fun hard, stuff can evoke.  Job done here. 

Here’s the pics to our day. 


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