August 2017 – Spain Day 6, Backroads Day 4 Figeres at Mas Falconas to Mas de Torrent at Torrenti

Only one word should be used to describe today: Heat. As in 34-36 degrees Celcius or near 100 Farenheit. Fortunately or unfortunately there was not much wind. Fortunate because it would have been a headwind as we road towards the Mediterranean Sea but unfortunate as it made the heat more noticeable. 

There were also a few more crashes today. By crashes, I mean moments where riders fell over because they didn’t unclip before stopping. Cindy bruised the entire left side of her body and maybe a bit of her ego. Seibert re-scraped his already scraped knee. No Bueno. 

A word on our Backroads guides. Outstanding humans. If companies want to learn how to hire talent, they should do a case study on Backroads. These folks know how to put their clients in the center. They know the balance of too much guidance and too little. They are smart, fun, happy, super-knowledgable and on top of it all, fantastic cyclists. Everyday I hear a story about how they have quietly gone out of their way to help someone in our group out. We thought our first trip was a fluke where we just lucked into the two greatest guides. Four years later I firmly realize these great people are the secret to what makes Backroads so amazing. More highlights/observations from our day:

  • Riding through tiny, winding, one lane streets in tiny villages made of stone apparently never gets old. 
  • This area of Spain looks a little like Tuscany. Apparently it attracts artists from around the world because of similar colors. 
  • Espresso in the middle of a ride is pretty great. Even in the heat. 
  • Large family-style lunches in town courtyard restaurants is even better.  
  • Riding up 1100 meters in 6km makes for a steep, tough ride. 
  • Apparently manhunts take place in Spain too. We rode through one this morning using heat-seeking devices on helicopters. The helicopter made me get how the pro cyclists feel. 
  • Vicus restaurant in Torrenti makes really special food. Anchovies-stuffed olives…mmm. 
  • Christian at the pool at Mas De Torrent is spectacular at his job. He gets up selling. 
  • This is a really special group of friends. 

Click here for more images from today. 


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