July 2017 – Spain Day 5, Backroads Day 3 Torre Del Remei to Figeres

The profile on today’s ride is a pretty easy one to describe. Flat for 6k through the fertile Valley in the Pyrenees. Then up for 7K to a nice coffee stop in a ski town. Then way up for 11k through the Pyrenees passes topping out around 6,300 feet.  This ride will make you tired. After that, down, down, down to where we first had lunch and second met our bus to Figeres, the Dali museum and the Hotel called Mas Falgarona. Today, a brief post with highlights and observations.

  • The Pyrenees are spectacularly beautiful. Forested and rising above the tree line, they are a mix of our east coast and western mountain ranges. 
  • I love climbing on a bike – there’s a weird mix of strengthening legs with the balance of fatigue and energy management. It is hard to get all of these right at once. 
  • All sports are humbling. You are never the best. Danny (one of our guides) rode up behind me and made me look like I was standing still going up the climb. However, he could work on his downhill form. 
  • The Backroads motorized bikes are an awesome way for varying levels of riders to enjoy a trip through the mountains together. At times the bikes are like bucking Broncos. Just ask the ‘wheelie queen’ Jenny. 
  • After days of eating amazingly fresh Spanish food, I’m starting to crave a nice slice of pizza. 
  • Spanish wines are underrated. Max our wine guide last night reinforced this point. Here are a few good ones to try. 
  • Don’t ever turn down a chance to enjoy a fresh fig from a fig tree. Amazing. 
  • The Dali Museum in Figeres was super interesting. He was a weird dude. He was also exhumed at this museum last week for paternal DNA testing. As weird as he was, you can’t deny his genius in this painting. 
  • Staying in 500 year old farmhouses doesn’t get old. Even harder when the farmhouses have incredible chefs. 
  • The coffee in Europe is awesome. Nespresso machines in hotel rooms allows me to get over my fear of drinking coffee out of hotel room machines. Tasty. 
  • Having friends select their favorite songs from Spotify and add them to a queue is a fun way to listen to music in a bus ride. 

Click here to view the album from Backroads Day 3. 


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