July 2017 – Spain Day 5, Backroads Day 2 

Hills. Headwinds. More phenomenal food. Historical farms. We left Hotel Torre Del Remei around 8:45 after breakfast and the route review to enjoy a nice, flat and downwind 10k before swinging in the local bike shop. Those descriptors won’t be used much more in this post. After this peaceful section the rest of the ride consisted of some pretty good work. Uphill. At times sharply so. We rode through more cool villages and with incredible views all day. At the top of the first climb we were rewarded with a steep fast descent where I saw my fastest speed on the bike of this trip: 65K. Cool. 

After some lumpy headwind filled riding we arrived at lunch at the 18Cent farm. Typical Backroads style, lunch was awaiting on a picnic table with amazing freshness, local foods, wine and good desserts. After lunch, the museum owner (?) provided us with a tour and all of the details of this 300 year old farm and farmhouse. Then it was back to the bikes where we embarked on another 37K and another healthy climb of 11-12K. Hot but fair this climb felt much better to me than the large one from earlier in the morning. The best part of the climb was the screaming fast descent which followed the first climb in the opposite direction. Super fun. 

Then 10-12K of headwind work back to Hotel Del Remei. Maybe the hardest part of the 50 or so miles. The reward of this section?  Pool and a cold beer. 

Cindy is struggling through a stomach bug. Bummer. She’s a trooper having ridden 30 miles with it AND still making it to dinner. Dinner was unreal. Danny and Kelly arranged for a van to take us up to the town of Meranges where we walked the old farm village (population 60!) and then to meet the chef who would serve us an amazing 5-star meal (Michelin rated) at Can Borrell. So. So. Good. 

Another great day. I’m so grateful to be able to do this and even more so with great friends. 

Click here for more pics in the Flickr album. 


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