Guatemala Antigua Day 1

Let’s get this out of the way up front:  there’s a volcano, scratch that, 3 volcanoes within 10-12 miles of where we are staying and this grainy zoomed in shot shows you one that is currently spilling lava daily. Occasionally it thunders and shoots magma into the air. Baby eruptions. But eruptions and mind blowing nonetheless. 

Yesterday a co-founder of  Torrent Consulting (and my boss although he’d hate me calling him this) and also a friend and I traveled down to Guatemala City to explore the region and understand how we and/or Torrent can make a difference to a region where 63% of the people live in extreme poverty. A region where people are hungry to learn and hungrier to work but there are not enough good paying jobs even if they self-teach themselves the trade. Torrent has the people with the passion to help but not just through food, medical and clothing drives but by finding ways to raise people up with new good paying jobs that can also help Torrent and our clients. This would be a great time for me to plug a documentary called Poverty Inc. it explains this much better than I ever could. If we crack this nut, great things will happen. This trip is all about cracking that nut. 

Yesterday we met with a great man and entrepreneur named Alejandro. He’s started a few businesses with strong ties to Guatemala and was a wealth of information. He shared the do’s and dont’s of business in this country. I took two scrolls of notes in Evernote. His passion for helping a country he loves was evident. 

After this meetingswe had lunch at a touristy restaurant called CaCow in district 10 of Guatemala. I was reminded that we eat meals way to fast in the US and that outside of the US the bill will not just be presented. We paid 700 ‘Q’ for the meal which I think is around $85-90 feet for 6 people including our cool driver Felix. I can’t stop thinking the ‘Q’ stands for Quan. Thanks Cuba Gooding Jr in Jerry McGuire.  Have I mentioned how insanely kind the people here are?

After lunch we took the 40-45K drive to Antigua. I think we passed 15 Taco Bell restaurants. This strikes me as odd. But it isn’t the biggest nor the national fast food chain. Pollo Cabenos is. Apparently the KFC of Guatemala. We passed maybe 30 of these. We are staying we a co-worker at an unreal home in a gated community in Antigua. Floral. Courtyards. Nice flow. Quiet area. Volcanoes in the background. Lava. Brian and his wife are such gracious hosts to have us. I’m looking forward to what the week ahead brings. 

A few things are clearer in only one day:

  • Guatemalans LOVE their country. Pride for their land and people oozes from them. 
  • Poverty is a tough, tough problem to solve. Cyclical. The obvious answers like donations and money will not solve the problem. 
  • Jobs are only part of the answer. Supportive families, education and setting a vision play big roles too. 
  • But jobs are a big part of the answer. 
  • US roads are smooth. No matter how rough we think they are. 
  • US school buses go to Guatemala when we are done with them. They become private city buses. 
  • Metallica plays Guatemala City on Nov 3rd – or at least every city bus tells me so.

Until tomorrow. 


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