Oh No You Didn’t!

Paris, France I cut you quite a bit of slack because of your rich history, well-planned city, love of art and architecture and your love of the bicycle. For these great qualities I look the other way at your lack of ice, your scoffs when I butcher your language and the wild array of smells you provide me each day. I even look the other way when your citizens ride their bikes against traffic with no helmet on, for your dogs pooping/peeing all over the sidewalk and for your vast array of muffler noises that emit from these not-motorcycles at all hours of the day and drone out all other sounds (seriously, you frown at and police ticket horn honkers but the screeching, wailing sound coming from your mopeds is somehow ok?).  BUT, when you start mimicking behaviors of our less-than-stellar U.S. state of Ohio, well, mon ami, I draw the line!

On our third stop of the day we visited Europe’s largest science museum, the Cite des Sciences & de l’Industry and not five minutes in the door and I’m watching your claim to the first flight. Oh. No. You. Didn’t. In short, you said you beat the Wright Brothers but just didn’t take a photo to prove it. Really?  Napoleon couldn’t even have put you up to this.  Then, a few minutes later I notice you are claiming you would be doing more for Climate Change if it weren’t for the difficulties presented by competing interests in the international community. While I understand those politics are hard and ever-challenging to the global climate crisis, there’s no need to flash a picture of the US flag and the Capitol building while making this claim, now is there?  Need I remind you why your country isn’t currently named Germany?  A little respect please, and while you are at it, how about some ice cubes every once in a while too. 

In all seriousness, we had a day where we were reminded of the incredible cultural diversity here (there seems to be no majority or minority race – pretty far from our race challenges). We traveled from one diverse community to the next and watched new and glamorous shopping centers blend in with old, dated condo towers. We saw an orphanage situated next to several posh cafes with Aston Martins and Porsches parked along the street. We saw metro cars with new parents, blue collar workers and 80+ year old grandmothers out to do their shopping.  One place where there was no diversity was the movie theatre at 10:30am this morning. I took the kids to see Les Minions VO (version originale or the english version) and we were the only 4 people in the movie. Ironically I selected reserved seats.  Hence, the explanation why I am using a cell phone camera in the theatre, something I typically loathe at movies.  English movies means very low attendance. The French version at near the same time was sold out with summer camps and daycare attendees. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Here are just a few pics from our kid-focused day. 

Movie selfie!  We owned les cinemas Gaumont Pathe!
Funny to see the French subtitles.   
Stewart is literally on the edge of her seat for even the out takes.   

I’m not sure why, but I found taking pictures in the movies slightly fun. 
The kids enjoying some downtime in a fountain that shot random streams of water. 

An oddly goofy, yet satisfying photo booth thing at the science museum. 
Stewart pulled this look off better than me. 
Charlie  excited to go “to work like Daddy.”

Charlie spends a lot of his time making the “um-chit, um-chit, um-chit” sound (a la dance club) with this DJ-like pose. It happens more often with big headphones like this on. I’m not sure where it came from but it cracks me up every time. 

 An experiment to see what is the right amount of water to fill in the rocket taking into consideration weight, thrust and propulsion. The French science museums seemed to place much more emphasis on problem solving and public polling (for data collection) than we do in the states. Some of their “games” were complex and many were multi-player requiring teamwork to solve. Seems like a better learning experience but maybe a bit less fun. Different strokes for different folks, eh?

Today was fun to watch the people live their lives but I’ll admit, we are one tired family.  Tomorrow I think I’ll audible the plan down to simpler with a fun breakfast of crepes followed by some time hanging in one of the two large local parks and then downtime back in the apartment before meeting up with Cindy after her work.  I might have a mutiny on my hands if I push these kids into another museum or tour and I need to protect my Sunday plan to see the Tour de France at all costs. 


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