Grateful for April – Spring, Camping, Bike Races, CRBR and more!


The month of April and Spring in general in the Carolinas is in my opinion why this area is such a desired place to live.  The deeper south and Florida (not part of the south in my mind), visit and see how cool and temperate our weather is.  They see true Carolina blue skies devoid of all humidity.  They see the new green that has re-emerged on trees, bushes and in our yards and how it contrasts with the aforementioned blue sky and they get it.  They see the cool mornings and evenings surrounding days that make you never want to go inside and they long for it.  The northerners see the same thing but instead are contrasting the harsh reality that is a tailing winter they still face in their land.  Carolina in the spring is just awesome and it is something I’m grateful to be a part of each of my past 19 years.

This Spring (April) we:

Watched concerts (ok, just me and a running buddy),

Weezer at The Fillmore

Spent a fun kid-free weekend in Charleston at the Cooper River Bridge Run with good friends,

Celebrated Easter (and only took this single picture…sad, we know),

Enjoyed a staycation in Charlotte showing up late to work and leaving early to do fun things with the kids,

Oriented ourselves with Will’s middle school (how can this be?!?),

Watched the Charlotte Criterium (those blurry things are fast-moving bikes) and


Camped out at the kid’s favorite trip to Camp Cherokee.  This place is so great and run by a fantastic staff!  It’s a YMCA Camp near King’s Mountain with archery, rock walls, canoeing/kayaking, swimming, disc golf, hiking, etc.  Fun, fun place.


All of that surrounded by life in between.  The diversity of it all is what I think I enjoy the most.  Fun kid-free weekends, fun kid-full weekends like our camping trips yet the most memorable to me are the random things we choose to do as a five-some.  Our weekday, spring break, impromptu evening at the ASC Greenway where we had a picnic, ran playing tag and tossed the ball/frisbee is one of those memories that seems to stick the most from last month.  Isn’t it funny how the simplest things are often the best?

Click here for the slideshow of our April events.

Click here for the slideshow of the Adventure Guides Camp Cherokee Outing