Grateful for my Homeland


There’s a Will Smith song that comes to mind when I hear the word Miami, but I can neither remember the title of the song nor a catchy lyric from it.  Just know that there is.  As a good excuse to celebrate Cindy’s 41st and catch up with great friends, the Seiberts, we headed to Key Biscayne in Miami for a long weekend of pretty much just relaxing.  It was pretty great and not just because the hotel had a buffet of free Valentine’s Day candy set up at the entrance.

It struck me talking to Cindy on the way down to Miami about what people think about when thinking of Florida that I am really grateful to have grown up in South Florida.  As an aside, we couldn’t really come up with much beyond older folks and sunshine to characterize Florida – would love to know what you think.  Not having an immediate thought pop into you mind when you think about a state’s characteristics isn’t always a bad thing, just ask Alabama or Alaska. 🙂  Seeing the sunrise out of the ocean and enjoying some beautiful weather in February when the rest of the country was dealing with a snowstorm is not too shabby.  Seeing diversity beyond what we have in much of the rest of the country and experiencing all of the benefits of such diversity is also pretty great.  Interestingly enough, seeing waterways everywhere and boats and marine/tropical life (Ibis, huge lizards, etc.) is something I only now realize how much I took for granted growing up as I really enjoyed seeing it in such abundance again.  Lastly, bikes.  South Florida had a huge population of cyclists and on Saturday morning they apparently flock to the Key Biscayne area.

While in Miami we ate at the iconic Joe’s Stone Crab (in spite of the 3 hour wait that no patrons seemed to even flinch at, nor did we until doubt kicked in at the 2:45 minute mark)  and the several decent spots in Key Biscayne.  We wandered the Bayside Mall and enjoyed the marina there with some early day Mohitos from the MojitoBar in spite of their tricky, almost bait-switch pricing tactics (buyer beware).  But mostly we enjoyed relaxing by the pool or over a meal with good friends we see way too infrequently.  If you can’t be grateful for picking right back up where you left off, whether it be with your home state return or with close friends, then enjoyment isn’t your gig.

Speaking of enjoyment – hope you enjoy this brief slideshow as much as we enjoyed the times behind the photos.


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