Go Gaiters! Gratitude

While I am grateful for the run the Florida Gators have been on (15 straight and undefeated in conference play leading up to this weekend’s showdown with Kentucky at Rupp), this time I’m grateful for the kind you wear to keep junk out of your shoes when hiking or running.  This morning the “junk” was snow and ice after getting 8 inches or so in Fort Mill yesterday and another 3-4 inches this morning.  As much as I have disrespected them over the years while hiking, I’ve never run in gaiters before and found odd enjoyment from what was the scourge of my hiking gear as they kept my feet/shoes quite warm and dry on my run.  I had strong doubts as I set off onto the trails behind our house and watched my feet sink in snow and ice up to my ankles or further with each step.  While I knew few things beat a snow run, I now know maybe a snow run wearing gaiters takes the cake.  Like our Gator basketball team is doing for our lame football season, the running gaiters may have redeemed my former negative thoughts about my hiking gaiters (same gaiters).  Gaiter grateful.


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