January 2014 – Disney Vacation Day 4 – Animal Kingdom

Disney Day 4 - Animal Kingdom & Downtown Disney

Our last day in O-town/Disney and Animal Kingdom was on the agenda. Other than running through it in a race or two, this is the one park I’ve never seen. Overall I was impressed. Good rides (Everest, Dinoland, African Safari to name a few). Nice snacks. Great buffet in Africa (Tusker House – eat that cous cous!) and some serious great animals (baby giraffes, hippos, lions, tigers, apes, etc). But likely my favorite moment of the day was enjoying a bit of a dance party with my sweet daughter in the middle of the street near the carnival. I even learned the Cupid Shuffle and found I’m quite good at it if I do say so myself. We had good access to characters, FastPasses to all the right stuff and the crowds were pretty manageable.

After a fun day at the AK we fulfilled Stewart’s biggest wish for Disney: swimming in the hotel pool. Yep, our family with a bunch of families from Canada and Minnesota took to the pool in 58 degree weather. In our defense as responsible parents, the pool was heated. And Stewart was doing that thing where she was hopping up and down filled with excitement…No Dad can resist that visible level of sheer kid excitement. Note to self – next big trip: any hotel with a pool.

Just prior to frostbite setting in, we plucked the blue-lipped kids (and clearly the only non-Canadians) from the pool, cleaned up a bit and headed to Downtown Disney for some Wolfgang Puck food on the Disney Dining plan. Note: this is one of the better places to use the Disney Quick Express Meal voucher. After dinner we headed to Legoland. Alright, we pulled a fast one on Charlie. We went to the Lego store and called it Legoland. He was blown away. Just imagine what he’ll think when one day he gets to the actual Legoland. Given his head cold throughout the trip we thought a 5th day in a park and a late arrival back to Fort Mill would be pushing it. We will have to right this wrong one day. One day.

Enjoy our pics from Day 4 at Animal Kingdom.

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