January 2014 Disney Vacation Day 3 – Magic Kingdom

Disney Day 3 - Magic Kingdom Main Street USA Day 3. Admittedly, we are getting a bit tired. Cindy and I noticed that we are also swollen. Eating out for most meals means we are likely more salt filled and less hydrated than at home. After getting up and out a bit earlier to fit my longish run in with 6 YASSO’S we headed to a Character breakfast at the Polynesian Resort. As an aside, running more than 3 miles in Disney is very difficult. Building some connected running trails that connect the various housing/hotels together seems like a no-brainer for an operation like Disney. What am I missing here?

Anyways, the breakfast with Pluto, Mickey, Lilo, Stitch, etc was a hit. Simple easy way for Charlie to get some autographs. We boated into the Magic Kingdom (MK) via small ferry. This got everyone wide-eyed as it was about 45 and the wind was blowing. The Magic Kingdom is always one of my favorites. Cindy pointed out that my enjoyment might be tied to how well I know the park. We hit most major rides (Thunder Mountain, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Alladin, etc) on the Frontierland-side of the joint in rapid succession. Around lunch we made our way back to Fantasyland (mostly new) and Tomorrowland. We watched some show, hit Buzz Lightyears’s ride and even spent time on the people-mover of all things (maybe my first time ever on this one) which seems to be Will’s speed. We wound the day down for an early departure (5pm) with the Hall of Presidents where Charlie promptly fell asleep and didn’t wake back up until the hotel. My arms are tired as I write this as he was hauled out sleeping on my chest. He was a bit of a boat anchor today. First in this obvious way but second as he’s found a heck of a head cold. He’s been quite a trooper.

It was a nice day, our coldest this trip in the park and one where we rode the most rides in the least amount of time. I also enjoyed my best snack of the trip: birthday cake ice cream between two huge, warm chocolate chip cookies. Yummers!

Slideshow of our Magic Kingdom day here.


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