Grateful for Good Examples

Over the weekend, late on Saturday, my best friend (and wife) found out about the death of a co-worker, someone who was not from our country and only recently moved his wife and 2-year old over from their home and extended family in India. Cindy did not know this person beyond a basic and transactional work relationship. What she did in this situation has meant more to me with each passing day since the tragic event. She got up on Sunday and went to the hospital to visit with his wife, now widow, and child, now without a father, who survived the single-car wreck by the grace of god.

The language barrier was strong. The grief was difficult to even imagine. The fear and loneliness of going through this with your only adult relation in the country now gone immense. The pending explanation to the child of the loss off a parent, a nightmare. Just Cindy and this woman and her grief. Sitting. Over the next hour friends from the community, many of them also ex-pats working outside of their home country too, showed up to offer support, love, friendship and start her on what I hope to only imagine a long process back to semi-normalcy (do you ever get back to normal after this?).

I get a lump in my throat when I think of what Cindy did. I’m grateful for the great example of good I get to see in her everyday. I’m especially grateful knowing her huge heart makes her one of the best examples of good in my life.

Apologies for the heavy post. I loved her example here: Be there for humans – only good can come from it. Know that she’d dislike everything about me posting this. Gratitude will be shared.


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