Grateful for ‘Read Later’

Not obvious to me until I find an interesting article outside of social media channels and have no way to save it until a time where I can read it later. This occurs most often when someone shoots me a good article in email from publications like The Economist, The New Yorker or the likes of the NY Times Magazine. In this case I typically load it to a browser tab on my mobile device and hope I run across it later. Sometimes it is months later.

Today with 15 mins of train time and nothing of interest to read I spent time on what I had saved from my Twitter feed using the Instapaper App and the ‘Read Now’ button. I’m grateful for an easy way to get back to interesting stuff I would have otherwise forgotten to read or had to skim over with limited time. Also it is ubiquitous across multiple devices which is an extra bonus. Sometimes it is the small things.


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