Grateful for Resolutions

imagesIt is that time again.  A new year.  What is it about the dawning of a new year, after experiencing 40 previous ones, that makes me want to refocus some on my goals, priorities and general aims?  I’m not entirely sure, but I do like refocusing.  My guess is the focus is less about the beginning of a new year and more about having 8-10 days off from work that allows me to get closer to what is important to me.  Marriage.  Family.  Running.  Community.  So, if you have paid any attention to this blog over the past several years, then you’ve ridden in this rodeo before.  If you are new to this rodeo, here’s how I ride:  First, I recap my results from the prior year’s goals with some minor commentary.  Then I build the goals for the coming year.  This year I hope to go a bit simpler.  No promises as it is early into this post.

So last year’s performance was missing one key ingredient.  Regular checkups.  Much like going to the doctor for a regular physical, I slacked off in this department.  Any good corporate stooge knows “what gets measured, get’s done.”  Shame on  me.  Alas, a new resolution for 2014!  Measure better.  See, this is easy.  Drumroll please as I prepare to review my 2013 resolution performance.




  • In year 14 of our marriage I vow to listen more/better, smile and laugh as much as possible with Cindy.  Conversations:  Prompt, engage but don’t hijack. Success!  We had a very fun year.  Date nights occurred nearly every other week, we took fun trips with (CHATTANOOGA! HILTON HEAD! GATLINBURG!) and without the kids (CHARLESTON! ITALY!) and we laughed together a lot.  In addition, I tried to be a better listener – can always try harder here.  
  • 2 Kid-free trips (or more) – one will be easy as it is already on the books for September! Check plus!  See above.


  • Be at home eating for at least 1 night M-Th.  Yes, it requires leaving work no later than 5:15pm and some luck with traffic, but c’mon, one freakin’ night! Fail.  Earlier in the year this was probably a success but the 2nd half of the year saw WAAAYYY too many 7pm arrivals.  This is a personal problem and admittedly I don’t know what to do to fix it.  At this point move closer to work is one of the better, but non-starter strategies – we love our neighborhood.
  • Listen to my kids more and prop them up vs. looking to teach, lecture, discipline.  Be a constructor of high self-worth – I’m blessed with great kids.  Fail.  I am a lecture king.  King of the lecture.  I should be a college professor.  Must work harder here.  Doubling down here in 2014.  
  • 2 overnight hikes with Will, Stewart and Poppy.  The one last year with Will and Poppywas so very cool.  I’m giving myself credit here.  We went on a 2-nighter hike on the AT – our 2nd annual with Poppy and it was better than our first trip which I thought was hard to beat.  A tradition has been established – Stewart added to the mix next year?
  • 6 volunteer events with my kids – use Adventure Guides to help them see the value of giving to others.  1 already down with the last night.  If we didn’t get 6 we got very close.  Hyaet’s in January, River Cleanup in the Spring, Stewart sold lemonade and gave the money to the local food bank (her idea) and we made over 800 sandwiches for the Urban Ministry last month to name a few off of the top of my head.  
  • Share time reading together with my kids…this is a nice quiet time together before they head to bed.  Success but with some help from Cindy here.  

Health & Fitness

  • Get a physical – realize the last time I did this I ended up with a colonoscopy…but need to stay consistent here (on getting physicals that is) now that I’m 40.  Dang…
  • Ab, hamstring, glute exercises 2x weekly – need to get back in the habit here.  Darn…
  • Run a 50k – Millstone 50k in Fort Mill on the books for February.  I ran 2 of them!  Millstone in February and ran 55k in a 24 hour run of which I participated for roughly 7 hours of in December.
  • Run 3 trail events Check plus!  2013 13k Baxter Trail Run, Millstone 50k, Triple Lakes Trail Run in Gboro in October, and Epic 24 Hour Run in December.
  • Run 3 marathons  Yeppers – Ellerbe (Mar), Grandfather Mountain (July), Triple Lakes (Oct)
  • Ride 250 miles at this year’s 24 Hours of Booty cycling event (last year I rode 203 miles). Nope but green since I raised 3x the amount of money I raised in 2012 and rode 200 miles with the last 30 miles in heavy rain.  Yea me!


  • Smile more; breathe deeply.  Pursue an “I’m Good” philosophy and worry less about what others think.  Hmmm…more work to be done here.
  • Find 3 positives in everyday – log these.  Dang – such a great idea, so why didn’t I do it?
  • Read 15 books – document here.  1 down so far (see the Read Tab above) Freaking Social Media timesucks…
  • Introduce my passion for the ASC Greenway here in Fort Mill and the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte with more friends Success!

10 out of 17…not awful but as always, room to improve.  There were only a few silly goals that I knew I’d struggle to achieve but put them down anyways…You’ll likely see them again on next year’s list.  Segue anyone??




  • Keep up the listening, engaging, prompting and continue to hold back on monologues and hijacking.  Treat her like the best friend in the world she is to me.  Most of all focus on smiles, laughs, hand-holding and hugs.  Bring it on guys – I can take it…
  • 3 Kid-free trips in 2014 – one is already in the books, Miami in February with good friends of ours.  2 more should be the minimum goal.


  • Avoid making all interactions teachable moments.  Laugh, play and follow their lead much, much more
  • Prop my kids up with the sole goal of making their self-worth as high as can be – I am so lucky to have great kids
  • An overnight hike with BOTH Will and Stewart and Poppy plus 5-6 camping trips with Adventure Guides
  • Participate in 6 volunteer events with my kids – establishing a habit of giving back that they will carry forward in life
  • Make 1×1 time with each of my kids happen each month – don’t stress over what it is, just do what they want
  • Ask better questions and let them answer without being judged.

Health & Fitness

  • Schedule a physical – c’mon already!  Afraid because the last one resulted in a colonoscopy?  Well, kinda…
  • Cross-train 2x/ week – do anything but run
  • Run a 50 miler
  • Run 4 trail events – the longer the better
  • Run 4 marathons – 50 miler can count as one of them (not two) and fully train from the ground up for at least one of them (w/ tempo, track, distance runs)
  • Sign up for and ride in Blood, Sweat and Gears metric century in July.


  • Meditate daily – start with a minute and see what happens
  • Be outwardly grateful – log what occurrences you are grateful for as things occur; Put good into my environment – experience how it spreads
  • Deepen close friendships by initiating more chances to connect more often – engage and put effort into the most important friendships
  • Read a book a month (12/year – see what I did there?) – backing off from past years yes, but I’ll be happier worrying less about it. 🙂
  • Continue to introduce my passion for the ASC Greenway here in Fort Mill and the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte with more friends.  Introduce 5 people to each.

So there you have it!  My 2014 Resolutions.  A bit simpler.  Do-able.  Measurable.  Check back in a few months to see how I’m doing.  If you want a view into the sickness you can see my 2012 Resolutions here, my 2011 resolutions here and my 2010 resolutions here and know that I’m scared for your general well-being.  Last point – I would love to know what you think of resolutions, what some of your best ones are and what you think about mine.  Lots of ways to tell me but you’d really be helping me out with the 3rd bullet in the “Personal” section if you’d tell me you want to share and then I can connect with you to see what you have to say.  Ha!  Happy New Year everyone.



3 thoughts on “Grateful for Resolutions

  1. Jason-

    I love your blog! And I love how well you define your goals (or resolutions). And more importantly, I love how you set a goal to share the beautiful things in your life. I have set the goal to make 2014 the year to remember…I turn 40 this year (only happens once) and the goal is to run over 1,000 miles, 2 street halfs (or halves) and now a trail half. The NYD 14k was a beautiful way to start that year out right! I really need to set more defined family and personal goals!

    You can count me as one person introduced to the ASC along with intro to trail running. See you at the trail half on April 5!

    See you soon!

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