April 2013 – CRBR, The ‘Noog and Easter


Go with me here…act like it is 2 months back and I’m posting this message with amazing timeliness.  Better yet, imagine that I have crafted the perfect blog entry, one that took nearly 2 months to perfect prior to submitting into the blogosphere.  Or, you could realize, that as much as I want this blog to update with my daily thoughts that are not only enlightening but also interesting it takes me nearly two months after three fun times in our lives to actually sit down and put together the shortest, fastest entry so I can get back to doing what I normally do with my evenings:  falling asleep in the recliner with my work laptop either opened on my legs or closed with the intent of opening beside me.  This is as close as it gets to reality but feel free to go back to imagining me throwing pottery or learning a new instrument or visiting with the elderly.

So in very close succession us Suttons spent the last days of March and the early days of April traveling to the Cooper River Bridge Run (CRBR) with great friends.  I was able to put forth a nice effort on a good weather day with a return to a well-organized and well run race (no to much in 2012).  Cindy and I came VERY close to both PR’ing but missed it by seconds.  48.34 and 40.09 respectively.  We stayed in Isle of Palms in probably the nicest house I’ve ever been a part of renting with the usual suspects, the Shias, Smiths, Andersons and Stickels.  Good times.  Some fun, sun, food and beverage.

From there we returned to Fort Mill, unpacked, repacked and left the next day for the ‘Noog as the locals call it.  That’s right Spring Break in Chattanooga!  We like to say, go big or go home.  Kidding aside, Chattanooga is a bit of a hidden gem.  Great town that totally catered to families with kids.  The 3 days and 4 nights we were there were full of fun, kid-friendly activities like pedestrian bridges across a huge Tennessee River, Aquariums, Science Museums, minor league baseball parks and don’t forget about Ruby Falls and Lookout Mountain.  The biggest surprise was the commitment to bicycling and foodies that this town seemed to have.  In fact, I believe the USA Cycling Championship were held there last weekend.  Note, had I written a timely blog this fact would have been lost.  At any rate, the kids had a blast as did the parents and while it was no Washington, DC it was a great few days away.

Upon returning to Charlotte, via Asheville through a snowy, icy, rainy trip we quickly celebrated Easter a la the traditional Baxter happenings.  Easter egg hunts and Easter dinner with the family.  Good times.  Next up, all the things we did since Easter…I know, I know…edge of your seat type stuff, right?  Until then, enjoy some pictures of the aforementioned.

Our Slideshow of the Cooper River Bridge Run

Our slideshow of our Chattanooga Spring Break Visit

Our slideshow of Easter

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