Lordy, Lordy…


…CINDY’S (finally) 40!  If you don’t know my family very well then you probably don’t realize that we spend almost as much time eating cake during the months of February and March as we do sleeping.  In the year 2013 we not only ate cake, but we officially said goodbye to Cindy’s uphill climb in life and welcome in her downhill slide.  Too morose?  Ok, we officially welcome the start of her 3rd score…that’s right her 5th decade.  The big 4-0.  What ever you want to call it, at very minimum, she’s once again as old as I am.  This old starts with a 4 and ends with a 0.  🙂

Like most things, Cindy’s approach to 40 was built on strength and determination.  Strength and determination in the form of 60 days of Insanity.  As in the video workout craze.  Best I can tell this is a series of videos where the instructor makes you do things that are quite hard for the average human.  Once you have the hang of it he makes you do them faster and faster for longer and longer.  Like one of those music videos that speeds up as it goes along, this guy proceeds to make a mockery out of fairly in-shape humans.  I’ll give this guy credit as he is one of the first exercise puppeteers who shows people on his video who can’t do everything.  Meaning these people are gasping and choking and taking breaks like I’d be doing if I were doing it.  Here’s the amazing thing:  Cindy blows through 60 days of this video without so much as a squawk.  I join her for one day and can’t stop talking about how coordinated you have to be to do this and how some of the exercises aren’t possible for the average human.  Not only did Cindy knock out the first 60 days prior to turning 40, but she’s decided to repeat the 60 days again.  Crazy with a capital ‘C’.  So why’d she do this you ask?  Because someone mentioned to her that the body you enter your 40s with is the body you go to the grave with.  If so, she’s going to be leaving this earth (hopefully way down the road BTW) with the body of a very in shape 25 year old.

For Cindy’s birthday I got a wild hair to set up a series of surprises.  Dangerous given the regular advice I have been provided by the birthday subject herself to never, ever partake in the ritual of surprising said subject for her birthday.  I took this advice and didn’t surprise her one time.  I surprised her twice.  I think she was, as Charlie would say, a ‘yiddal’ surprised.  Surprise #1:  Dinner with a few friends at Enso’s in Uptown Charlotte.  Cindy and I were staying one night at the Ritz (this was not part of the surprise) on the remarkable BAC rate (a pleasant surprise, but not one of THE surprises) and I suggested we get Sushi at Enso’s.  We arrive and 4 long-time, great friends were awaiting us at the table.  Surprise #1.  Check.  From there, after a great dinner/dessert I suggested we use a ‘gift card I had received as a reward at work’ at the Wooden Vine.  Upon walking in you see Cindy piecing it together.  There’s someone I know.  There’s someone else I know.  Wow, coincidence that they are both here…BOOM!  A right hook to my shoulder and me quickly suppressing my flight response tears later and…surprise #2.  Check.  20-25 of her friends from the ‘hood awaiting her arrival.  Likely another 40 years before I pull a stunt like this, and potentially Physical Therapy rehab for my right shoulder, but well worth it.  Good times.

In addition to the birthday surprises we celebrated Cindy’s Mom’s birthday and Stewart’s reconciliation on this same February weekend.  See slideshow pictures below of both events.

Click here for a slideshow of Cindy’s 40th

Click here for a slideshow of Stewart’s Reconciliation


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