February 2013 – Charlie’s 4th Birthday and what could be my laziest post ever…



It is March.  I started to write the post in mid-February.  My last post was January.  We’ve been busy.  With what you ask?  Check out the slideshows below and see.  In addition to things with pictures, the last few months had things without pictures (my 50k race, Stewart’s Student of the Month presentation, Cindy’s completion of the Insanity workout [she never missed a day!] and endless lego creations with Charlie) – for these things use you will be required to use your imagination.  Enjoy!


Click here for a slideshow of Charlie’s 4th Birthday

Click here for a slideshow of our trip to Hawksnest (Snow Tubing!)

Click here for a slideshow of our first real snow of 2013

Click here for our Adventure Guides Trip to Morrow Mountain State Park