2013 Resolution Time! But Wait, that’s not all – 2012 Year in Review Too!


Time seems to go by fast.  1/12th of my year is gone and no measurable goals set?  Oh the humanity!  Actually it isn’t quite different from work where we talk about setting goals from January-March, set them in March, then judge whether they were met, will be met, or if it even mattered if they were met in the September/October timeframe.  Basically leaving October-March as the wasteland of unmeasured accomplishment.  A respite of sorts…But I digress…

Goals…as in resolutions.  I know you are on pins and needles waiting to see what ground-breaking goals will be set this year but first, we simply must take a look back on 2012.  Red for failed resolution.  Yellow for partial credit and Green for full credit accomplishment.



  • More active listening and engaging.  Inquire.  Prompt.  Probe.  Hi-jack the conversation to turn towards me less. I give myself decent credit here.  A life-long work in progress.
  • Smile at and laugh with Cindy daily. Nothing feels better than laughing with Cindy. Daily may have been a stretch…but we laughed a lot in 2012.  
  • At least 2 kid-free trips in 2012 – keeping pace with 2011. Cooper River Bridge Run in April and Kiawah in November.  Rock on us!


  • Be at home eating at the table for 2 weekday dinners – put this in the “beat my head against the wall” category but I’m going to give it a go again in 2012.  Might require a job location change to my living room at this point.  Even that might not be enough – work from the dinner table??  Some weeks yes, some weeks no.  I won’t be satisfied until I get this one done one year.
  • Find fewer teachable moments and enjoy more non-teaching moments. Work in progress.  Maybe I should be a teacher so I can get it all out at work?
  • Continue weekly family activity night. As much as we could and when we didn’t we had something better to do as a family.  Full credit – yea parents!
  • Golf with the kids 1x per month (Apr-Aug). Check.  Probably more.  Time at my parents helped raise this stat but we easily played 5 rounds of golf.
  • 1×1 time with each kid outside of the home monthly – the kids build the plan.  Not sure I hit this monthly with each kid.  But not a fail because I never said no when asked.
  • Listen more – especially to Will.  It scares me that he has fewer years left in the house than he has already had here. Will and I are doing better – still so much alike so some conflict is inevitable.  He’s such a good kid that I’m giving myself credit for something here…

Health and Fitness:

  • Yoga 2x per week – love yoga and it seems to be good for my running.  Rocked it through April then decided it wasn’t doing me any good.  I miss it.  Time to get it back?
  • Push-ups 3x per week building up to 5 sets of 35 (currently 3x at 4 sets of 32). Built up to 35 and then joined Tom’s 7×20 push-up program on our hiking trip and been on it ever since.
  • Ab exercises 15 min TWICE  a week (“you love it but you hate it” – 100% increase from 2011). Good through hiking and then it stopped cold.  8 months isn’t too bad.
  • Run with Purpose – donate $2 (pre-corporate match) per mile every mile run in 2011; target 1300 miles. Easily surpassed…high miles and high giving.  
  • Run a 50k Nope.  Calf injury re-emerged the week prior.  One planned for Feb 9th though.
  • Run at least 3 trail races Not quite.  Ran 2.  New Year’s Day 12K and the Pilot Mountain Marathon.
  • Run my age in marathons – means run at least 2 marathons to get my total to equal my age. Yes!  Ran #40 at Charlotte in November 2012.  

Personal Well-being:

  • Smile more; breathe more deeply; look for the positives  Work in progress.  I wasn’t a raging tyrant most days.  
  • Praise the good in others; Cheer their victories loudly  This has 2013 goal written all over it.
  • Continue to rise everyday at 5 am. Solid.  Love this – such a great way to start my day.
  • Read 16 books (up from 14 read in 2011) and continue to document via blog.  Complete failure.  I think I read 8.  Damn distracting iPhone…
  • Work: Work less and work smarter, be more confident and have more fun. Balance is improved.  Confidence still needs work.
  • Pursue “presentness” to help better engage with all people in my life (taking all tips/advice here).  Help!
  • Share more via my blog; capture my “running” thoughts – I do some of my best thinking while running (and showering oddly) Nope.  I love blogging but am constrained by the thoughts that it is completely narcissistic and that’s not my intent but don’t know how to get around this.  Maybe write about interesting stuff (no comments please 🙂 )
  • Travel with our entire family more – a potty trained Charlie is going to return us to life on the go, go, go! DC Trip, Hilton Head, Great Wolf Lodge, Grammy Poppy’s, Banner Elk.  Getting better.  
  • Attend 4 concerts  Already 2 on the books for 2012 with purchased tickets for Radiohead in Atlanta and The Black Keys/Artic Monkeys here in Charlotte.  3 of 4 – not too shabby.  Radiohead and Rush were good fun.
  • Share the good work the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte is doing with more of my friends, co-workers and family. Need to do more here.
  • One late add:  establish and maintain a zero-inbox email philosophy (GTD-style) – that’s right.  2 days in action and I’m loving it!  Inspired by this article.  I LOVE THIS!

So 2013 you ask?  I expect big things in 2013, I’m just not sure what they are.  I aspire to fewer goals, so if I have accomplished something last year and plan to maintain it this year then I’m not making those things goals.



  • In year 14 of our marriage I vow to listen more/better, smile and laugh as much as possible with Cindy.  Conversations:  Prompt, engage but don’t hijack.
  • 2 Kid-free trips (or more) – one will be easy as it is already on the books for September!


  • Be at home eating for at least 1 night M-Th.  Yes, it requires leaving work no later than 5:15pm and some luck with traffic, but c’mon, one freakin’ night!
  • Listen to my kids more and prop them up vs. looking to teach, lecture, discipline.  Be a constructor of high self-worth – I’m blessed with great kids.
  • 2 overnight hikes with Will, Stewart and Poppy.  The one last year with Will and Poppy was so very cool.
  • 6 volunteer events with my kids – use Adventure Guides to help them see the value of giving to others.  1 already down with the Hyaets.org last night.
  • Share time reading together with my kids…this is a nice quiet time together before they head to bed.

Health & Fitness

  • Get a physical – realize the last time I did this I ended up with a colonoscopy…but need to stay consistent here (on getting physicals that is) now that I’m 40.
  • Ab, hamstring, glute exercises 2x weekly – need to get back in the habit here.
  • Run a 50k – Millstone 50k in Fort Mill on the books for February.
  • Run 3 trail events
  • Run 3 marathons
  • Ride 250 miles at this year’s 24 Hours of Booty cycling event (last year I rode 203 miles).


  • Smile more; breathe deeply.  Pursue an “I’m Good” philosophy and worry less about what others think.
  • Find 3 positives in everyday – log these.
  • Read 15 books – document here.  1 down so far (see the Read Tab above)
  • Introduce my passion for the ASC Greenway here in Fort Mill and the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte with more friends

For those die-hard “SuttonScoopers” (all 3 of you) who like the art of comparing and contrasting you can see my 2012 Resolutions here, my 2011 resolutions here and my 2010 resolutions here.  I swear, I am not beating my head against a wall.  🙂  Would love to see or hear about yours…show ’em if you have ’em.

One last unrelated point – The Super Bowl.  It is hard to not have a team to pull for in the Super Bowl.  At first I thought I’d just pull for any coach named Harbaugh…man, I’m funny.  Honestly, I’m neutral on this one but feel like the only team worthy of more than 5 Super Bowl wins should be the Pittsburgh Steelers.  So with this said…I’m actually rooting for the Ravens.  Or maybe just go nachos and dips!