Nov 2012 – Milestones



What does the number 40, Plus 1, and 16 have in common?  They all represent an odd milestone that I covered off on in November 2012.

40…nope, not my age in November (although at the time I am writing this I can no longer say this), but rather the number of marathons I have run after completing the Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte on November 17.  Some golfers want to shoot their age – as an aside I never understood why middle-aged men thought this was so tough until I realized it was for 18 holes – I ran my age.  Since the age of 22 when I ran my first marathon at the Disney Marathon in 1995 I have managed to run and complete 40 marathons.  An average of just over 2 per year which seems low since I had a few years of 5 marathons…guess I also had a few years of only 1 a year too.  Not exactly a hugely meaningful stat but it does mean that if I average 1 marathon a year for the rest of my days I’ll always be able to say I ran my age.  I’ve tried to catalog my running stuff over the years – some years better than others.

Some other stats 40 marathons represent:

  • Roughly 150 hours of race-logged running.  About 10x that in training hours.
  • 1048 miles of race-logged running.
  • Considering I’ve averaged about 1000 miles a year this means over the past 18 years I’ve run nearly 18,000 miles.  Roughly 6 cross-country trips.

Plus 1.  My new status with Cindy having returned to work full-time.  This November I attended my first Plus 1 perk – trip to Kiawah Island complements of her work.  We stayed at The Sanctuary.  Not. Too.  Shabby.  I can’t coin the term – I think I stole it from “30 Rock” or something like that.  Nonetheless living the life of a kept man was good but admittedly took some getting used too.  Cindy had work events and I got left behind.  Never really thought much about those times when I left Cindy behind.  I’ll think more about those times going forward. Nonetheless I spent time catching up on reading, running, playing golf and walking about shops…actually surprisingly dreamy time.  The Sanctuary for those of you who haven’t been is pretty darn swank.

16 you ask?  That’s number of steps it took for me to make cheese.  Could have used the #5 as that was the number of days it took just to get the cheddar cheese to the aging stage.  60-90 represents the number of days it will age before I know whether I have made something good or something that could actually harm me.  I’ll eat the first slice and wait a day before opening my concoction up on the family.

Pictures of this fun stuff can be found at the links below.  Life is good…even the turning 40 part – more on this later as I head out to celebrate that very event as we speak!

Click here for a slideshow of the 2012 Thunder Road Marathon (my 4oth – my sister-in-law’s 1st!)

Click here for a slideshow of our travels to Kiawah (Plus 1)

Click here for a slideshow of some of my cheese pics (16 long steps to cheddar cheese aging in 5 pictures)