The 4th (of July)


Dang!  I had hoped to at least get this posted prior to July ending.  Where is this year going!?!?  We had a great 4th weekend, week, weekend.  Other than looking forward to having the 4th fall closer to a weekend in the future and getting a strong reminder on how little work can be done at work when others don’t come to work it was a great week (why didn’t I just take that week off?).  The kids enjoyed our Baxter neighborhood festivities.  Cindy and I were talking and we think this is over 10 (!?!?) Baxter 4th of July events we have attended in our 12 years in the neighborhood.  Pretty amazing how it has grown and how easy it makes it on us parents.  Also pretty amazing how young new parents are starting to look to us.  This neighborhood is a mecca for parents and their kids!

We also visited the pool (I even went in), picnicked and the older kids got to stay up past dark (and that’s saying something in the south during the summer) to see the fireworks.  Embarrassing parent moment alert:  This was their first trip (ages 9 and 7) to see fireworks.  They have seen them from afar, but not up close and personal.  Thankfully they didn’t hold this against us and they also loved it!  Charlie enjoyed “sparkers” in the daylight.

During July we also spent time at my parents house for almost a week which is always very fun and relaxing.  Will got to spend his solo week at “Camp Grammy and Poppy’s” house following our visit and played tons and tons of golf.  His game impresses me more each day.  It won’t be much longer before he’s outdriving me.  Sad, I know.  In other, much sadder news, after a long battle with thyroid issues, some bladder issues and eventually a heart issue, our cat, Annabelle passed away after giving our family 12 good years.  You don’t realize how much a pet really means to you and the family until they aren’t around anymore.  Each morning I still head downstairs and half expect to see Annabelle waiting for me to pet her and get her some food.  The saddest part was watching Charlie ask if she’s coming back home “tomorrow?” and seeing Stewart sobbing for hours.  We will miss her.  RIP Annabelle.

Click here for a slideshow of our 4th and our visit to Columbus, GA

Click here to see all of our pics a la Flickr


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