June 2012 – Hilton Head Island Beach Trip, etc…



One of our favorite places to vacation with our family has to be Sea Pines in Hilton Head Island, SC.  One of our favorite houses that we like to stay in while there has to be 51 Wagon Lane (aka: “Mickey Mouse Pool” House).  Fits our family and my parents like we built it.  We’d like to own it.  Maybe one day – not this day.  🙂  The beauty of this trip is how easy it is both in getting there and then staying busy without trying too hard while you are down there.  We like to visit South Beach in Sea Pines a few times for ice cream, a magic show, a meal at the Salty Dog.  We like to go to Harbor Town to see the lighthouse, marina and boats, do some light shopping, eat dinner and have cookies the size of our heads.  This year we took the kids to see Gregg Russell.  While Cindy and I have seen him before, amazingly our kids had not until this trip.  He’s a great entertainer for both kids and adults and he’s been doing it 37 summers!  We of course spent time at the beach each day, played some mini golf, rode bikes everywhere, swam in the pool and relaxed.  If you are curious what any of this trip looked like the link below will inundate you with over 100 pictures taken from 3 different cameras.  Sadly, this is the number I whittled down to.  I apologize.

June had more than just a vacation.  The kids spent time in camp.  Will at Camp Invention, a “really cool” (his words) camp where kids got to make really fun stuff and show that stuff off to the parents at the end of the week (pictures in the June random events slideshow below).  Stewart went to acting camp (videos in the June random events slideshow below).  In one week’s time they learned parts to and performed the play “The Beauty and the Beast.”  My favorite part of this camp is that when they asked kids to audition for solo singing parts Stewart auditioned for multiple.  She didn’t tell us about it until days later.  She’s never sung in front of a crowd in her life and she jumped right in line to give it a try.  I LOVE that about her!  She didn’t get a solo (they went to the older kids) but she did get to sing a lot throughout the play.  This girl has serious confidence.  I LOVE THIS ABOUT HER!

Cindy took her first business trip with her new job.  a 3 day training course near Chicago (St. Charles, IL to be exact).  She learned all about life as an HR peep at her company (I guess).  She also learned what it is like to spend a few days without kids and a husband.  She has informed me that I kept a good secret on how easy life worrying about just you, yourself and you is.  The cat’s out of the bag.  From my view she seemed a bit homesick.  While she was in Chicago and for the 6 days prior to her trip, I was selected to go to the Darden Business School at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville for training with 35 other folks from my company.  While 9 days was a long time to be away from home, the training was some of the best I have had in my career.  Being given an opportunity to completely lift out of my work environment to focus on the course and doing it on a college campus with college professors was really meaningful to me.  In no way was it a small commitment by the bank and the investment in me as an employee was motivating.  It also stoked the fire within to potentially return to college life one day.  Maybe teach?  Maybe a higher degree?  Maybe both?  Maybe just live in a true college town?  Who knows. I’m grateful for the opportunity.  I’ve also had a few folks ask what was the best thing I’m taking away from the training?  Two things: 1) Think bigger and don’t be afraid to make a difference at work, even if it isn’t directly related to my role at the company.  This includes freeing others up and/or enabling them to think bigger.  2) Be an “Energizer” vs. a “De-Energizer” at work.  Be someone that people want to work with and take motivation and positive energy from interactions.  Sounds cheesy but so far crazy effective.  Ok – I promise no more corporate speak in this blog for the rest of 2012.

What else?  I’m tossing around the idea of logging the thoughts I have while running.  I have lots of great ones – at least they seem great while running.  The trouble is remembering them.  I’m also tossing about the idea of running longer races.  Maybe a 50k?  50 miler?  While writing about all of the stuff above I thought I’d now share with you an article (at risk of sounding like I didn’t read or write the stuff above) that Cindy and I enjoyed this NY Times article about Busyness written by Tim Kreider (thanks again Debbie K for sharing it) – if you have time you should read it.

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