Uh…April, We Hardly Knew Ye


What happened to April?  I remember a few birthday parties in March, some allergies and even a trip to Charleston, SC for the Bridge Run and I remember going to Washington, DC in early April for Spring Break but the rest of April…poof!  Gone.  Easter happened somewhere in there, right?  I think we went to a bike race in Charlotte and I remember breaking one of my cardinal adult rules:  NEVER, EVER help anyone over the age of 30 move.  Ever.  Our good friends Alex and Tracy are moving into a temporary apartment as their new home completes build (they sold their old house in 1 day flat!).  They are clearly world-class friends as I did in fact break my rule.  I wasn’t even smart enough to break it with someone going from home to home but rather friends going from home to apartment to home.  The odd thing is either they have INCREDIBLY HEAVY furniture or I’ve gotten a good bit less strong over the years.  I’m going with some exceptionally heavy furniture for my ego’s sake.

So you want some pictures from our life in April?  Ok…here ya go.

Click here for a slideshow of Easter.

Click here for a slideshow of Random April Events (like bike races, allergic reactions and other everyday shots).

And Click here for a slideshow from our April Adventure Guides Camping Trip to Camp Cherokee

Click here for all of our photos a la Flickr.