Hola! Vamanos! Viva La Mexico! #suttonscoop


The screams of a potty-training 2 year old?  Mild bickering between siblings over important stuff like who asked first and who had it last?  Making 3 school lunches a day?  Nope…none of that on a kid-free vacation but oddly after 2-3 days you realize that you really do love those things and you actually start to miss them.  Perspective we wouldn’t have had we not taken a few days without the kids to enjoy time in Mexico.  While there we did novel things like:  reading during the day, talking without interruption, swimming to bars and yoga.  And I conquered a fear:  the fear of the all-inclusive.  It isn’t such a bad thing after all to have everything paid for when you get to your vacation destination.  After stopping into a few of the “sister” locations we definitely learned that the price-point is a key driver.  Pick wisely.  We’d highly recommend Le Blanc on the north end of Cancun as a good choice.  All said, still not sure I’m up for a cruise just yet but have likely taken a step in the right direction.  A special thanks goes out to my parents for doing a stellar job of watching the kids which essentially enables the trip to occur.

Click here to see a slideshow of our Mexico Vacation at Le Blanc

Click here to see any and all of our pictures up on Flickr


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