Hola! Vamanos! Viva La Mexico! #suttonscoop


The screams of a potty-training 2 year old?  Mild bickering between siblings over important stuff like who asked first and who had it last?  Making 3 school lunches a day?  Nope…none of that on a kid-free vacation but oddly after 2-3 days you realize that you really do love those things and you actually start to miss them.  Perspective we wouldn’t have had we not taken a few days without the kids to enjoy time in Mexico.  While there we did novel things like:  reading during the day, talking without interruption, swimming to bars and yoga.  And I conquered a fear:  the fear of the all-inclusive.  It isn’t such a bad thing after all to have everything paid for when you get to your vacation destination.  After stopping into a few of the “sister” locations we definitely learned that the price-point is a key driver.  Pick wisely.  We’d highly recommend Le Blanc on the north end of Cancun as a good choice.  All said, still not sure I’m up for a cruise just yet but have likely taken a step in the right direction.  A special thanks goes out to my parents for doing a stellar job of watching the kids which essentially enables the trip to occur.

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Where did 2011 Go? #Suttonscoop



I find myself saying 2012 at work much more often and that can only mean one thing: I blinked and 2011 is nearly gone!  There is huge truth about time passing faster after having kids.  It feels like yesterday school was starting and I just got back from a race in Utah.  The latter was 6 weeks ago!  Since then we have been on our 2nd camping trip of the year, enjoyed what seemed like a month-long celebration of Halloween, sent Cindy back into the workforce, watched the University of Florida lose every game they played and even traveled out of the country without kids (that’s right, kid-free vacation in a tropical location – cliffhanger! as this gets its very own post.).

With the brightest memories often come tough ones and this held true in October.  We lost several members of my extended family, the company I work is just simply waiting for a bright spot, The Boston Marathon informed me that even though I qualified, I didn’t get accepted as an entrant, and my running has been hampered by a chronic calf issue that is finally going to get some professional attention.  All of which reminds me how important it is to cherish all of the bright spots.

So I kind of blew by a few key topics.  1) Cindy went back to work in October.  Full time. Charlie may just now be showing signs of acceptance.  Maybe.  It has been great for Cindy as she really seems to be enjoying it.  I feared big life changes in our household that would selfishly impact my lifestyle but alas, not so much.  I do make more school lunches than I have in the combined 4 years prior but that’s the biggest difference.  Truly shows you how amazing Cindy is.  You would expect this to rock our family and at minimum impact her a bit but no.  She takes it all in stride without missing a beat.  Pretty amazing.  2) Halloween.  We had planned on a big family Star Wars theme.  And we had it for the most part except for the last minute cancellation of Yoda.  He apparently couldn’t stomach the idea of all that Candy.  We did however get a five minute visit by a lion that looked oddly like the one Will dress up as when he was one.  Can you say dusts mites?   Five minutes after donning it were were back to the 2 year old going as a 2 year old without a costume.  Great outfit Charlie.

Anyways – look for more details in a forthcoming post about international travels without kids.  Until then enjoy slideshows of random October events, one of Halloween and one of our 2nd Adventure Guides camping trip of the 2011/2012 season.  Did I mention we have over 100 dads and their kids in our Adventure Guides groups (3 tribes!) this year?  Pretty cool stuff.  I owe my buddy Rick K. from work and my Dad for the inspiration here.

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