July 2011: Columbus Trip and Helping Hands Summer Event


School is back in and summer is unofficially over and yet I’m only now getting to post the pictures from Stewart’s TWO WEEK trip to Columbus, GA in July where we joined her for the last week of it.  It was great to hang out in Columbus – Mom and Dad’s place, although about 5-6 hours too far away (still baffled why they remain in Columbus when their 2 kids live within a mile of each other, but stubborn is as stubborn does, I guess…) is a great place to visit and relax.  Cindy, the kids and Grammy and Poppy stayed busy with activities, golf, good food while I worked and shared some meals for most of the days.  Cindy and I got away to Atlanta for an evening with her friends Deirdre, Linda, Corina and Tom from her college days at Wake.  Overall, a great last trip for the summer before schools started in mid-August (check back for these pics in the coming days/weeks).

On the day after returning to Fort Mill from Columbus, Cindy and the Helping Hands group she helps organize stuffed 300+ pounds of school supplies into 60 backpacks for kids in need as they start back to school.  The Fort Mill Care Center was thrilled at the work of this great organization and community.  I couldn’t be prouder of the stuff Cindy does for the Fort Mill Care Center – she’s pretty amazing.

Anyways, pictures are below – enjoy!

Click here for the pictures (and a video or two) at Grammy and Poppy’s house.

Click here for the Helping Hands Pictures.

Click here for all of our pictures a la Flickr.

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