Safety First!!

We live in a different age then when I grew up.  One of the more noticeable differences is how safety conscious kids are today.  I didn’t own a bike helmet as a kid.  If I did, I would have been laughed out of the neighborhood if I wore it.  I remember that when Will was a rider in the bike trailer he used to cry if we accidentally left without putting his bike helmet on.  Their first instinct when riding scooters and bikes is to put their helmet on.

We might be witnessing the act of taking something too far.  One of our kids, who will remain nameless, has decided the 5-point car seat harness in a car that rivals the size of a small tank is not quite safe enough for his liking. Either that or he’s sending us a message about our driving.  The good news is he has taken the matter into his own hands.  It should also be noted that not enabling this latest measure of safety may result in some serious tantrum time.  This may explain why I rarely drive without my own “safety device”:  earplugs.

Clearly it could be worse.  It could also get interesting if this turns out to be anything more than a phase.  Can you imagine the scene 14 years from now as he approaches his driver’s test?  Picks his date up to go to Prom?


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