Summer rocks! Father’s, 4th and Mountain Fun

Where has our summer gone?  Since kicking it off Hilton Head-style we have remained on the go with good old fashioned family fun.  This of course, in between training Charlie to be human vs the 2-year old that he is.

Allow me an aside…This kid can really throw a tantrum.  Dr. John Rosemond quickly reminded us that it’s not him, it’s us.  Thanks Doc.  In all seriousness, this guy may be showing why he’s the doc and we aren’t.  Ok, in case you didn’t pick up on it, I was skeptical at first.  But…the crazy drama-filled tantrums seem to be lessening with time (and maybe some retraining of the parents who feel they might be too old for this stuff not to just work itself out).  In a nutshell this guy talks about reminding yourself as parents not to treat your 2+ year old the same way you treated your newborn/infant.  Hmmm…how dare he accuse us of not wanting to see our last grow up to be a little boy.  My threats to put in ear plugs during Charlie’s waking hours have ended and I no longer have a heightened anxiety with taking him into public (that 15 minute bike ride back home with Charlie dangling upside down in a fit of tantrum-rage while strapped into the bike trailer as neighbors were coming out on their porches to see what all the commotion was about had nothing to do with my anxiety.  I promise.).  We are not quite to the point of saying that Charlie can be deemed an official member of our human society just yet, but he’s getting there.

When we aren’t training a 2 year old to be the latest member to join the human society, we have had fun with Father’s Day, where I was surprised with Stewart’s homemade cupcakes (this girl knows how to load on the icing) and  camping coffee pot – (watch out Adventure Guides!), a spontaneous trip to Banner Elk where we stayed in a fantastically peaceful mountaintop cabin, and the annual Baxter 4th of July festivities.  Not pictured below but since Will’s return from his solo week at Grammy and Poppy’s we have managed to play golf every week!  It won’t be long until he’s laying a nice honest whoopin’ on me.

Anyways, pictures are below – enjoy!

Click here for a slideshow of my awesome Father’s Day

Click here for a slideshow of our trip to the mountains

Click here for a slideshow of our annual 4th of July festivities

Click here for all of our pictures a la Flickr.