June 2011 – Hilton Head Island (Sea Pines) Beach Trip!

We are only one day removed from our week at Sea Pines at Hilton Head Island and already I want to go back.  I know we work so we can go on great vacations and enjoy time with family but isn’t there a way to go on vacations with family for 48 weeks a year and work for four?  Hilton Head has become our favorite place to enjoy time at the beach.  The weather this year was absolutely perfect too!  Highs in the low to mid 80s with nearly no humidity and a light breeze made for great bike riding (minus the crash by Cindy on day 2), beach sitting, outdoor eating, etc.  We enjoyed time at both South Beach with the magician and singers and Harbor Town with the breakfast, park and lighthouse.  The house this year worked great for our family with a nice pool and screened porch.  The hit of the trip had to be the beach tent.  Sturdy enough to put up each day and leave for the day while offering the thing I like to have the most while at the beach – shade.  Odd, I know.  It easily extended our beach time by several hours each day.  The tent take-down each day also brought us back to the beach at my favorite time of the day – the evening/dusk hours.

Next year maybe the same house, but likely one backing up to water.  The South Beach proximity was a good fit for us.  Maybe 2 weeks next year??  Crazy talk I know.  We like it that much.

Pictures are below – enjoy!


Click here for a slideshow of our trip to Hilton Head Island

Click here for the long-form view of our trip to Hilton Head Island (be warned – this is all of our pictures)










Click here for all of our pictures a la Flickr.


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