School’s Out for Summer!


The end of the school year already?!?!  Wow!  Where did the time go?  It is a good news, bad news, good news situation.  Good news that they have 12 weeks off to play, play, play!  Bad news because Will will be on the verge of tears missing his teacher Mrs. Powers for at least the next month.  Maybe more.  Good news because vacation on Hilton Head Island at Sea Pines follows the end of the school year by just days (shhh…I am actually writing this post from the wonderful beauty of Sea Pines where the weather has been near perfect: mid 80s with nearly no humidity and a light breeze!).   

The kids had awards days where they walked away with perfect attendance (Will), a leadership award (Will) and a Technology award (Stewart – only one of 10 awards presented at her Kindergarten Graduation!).  Stewart was one missed day away from perfect attendance too!  The 2 older kids had a banner school year!  Charlie had a good year too – he even seemed to make a few of his arts and crafts on his own by year end.  This is big progress considering his staunch refusal to have anything to do with arts and or crafts when the year started.

They also enjoyed what is now an annual waterslide and picnic on the afternoon that school lets out for the year!  The neighbors go in together to rent a giant inflatable water contraption and let the kids wear themselves out for the entire afternoon.  Outside of Will’s friend Oliver hitting his eye on his knee (ouch!) within minutes of slide time the kids had a ball!   

Lastly, we managed to squeeze in a hike to the river…unfortunately we didn’t plan for the difficulty of navigating the heavily blocked trail after one of the huge storms that have ripped through the areas in the past weeks.  The 5 of us made it but it took a  great deal more effort than we anticipated.  Not my wisest decision but I was proud that we all toughed it out.  We also hid a Geocache down near the river platform…once the brush is cleared hopefully we’ll get a few visitors.

Pictures are below – enjoy!

Click here for a slideshow of the end of school year activities.

Click here for all of our pictures a la Flickr.


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