It has been many years since Cindy and I made the trek to the Cooper River Bridge Run (CRBR) in Charleston, SC.  Although the race has always been fun, past memories of a logistical nightmare to get 40,000+ runners across a bridge and to a finish line 6 miles away kind of kept us from putting this high on the list of things for us to do.  Well, after running the best run large race I have ever participated in, this one is right back on the calendar of fun, kid-free weekend events.  The weather in Charleston in early April could rival the best weather most anywhere and the food, fun and relaxed atmosphere that Charleston offers makes the draw the much more enticing.  We will be back.  Most everyone seen in the pictures above live within a few houses of ours in Baxter.  It was quite fun seeing them out of our normal setting.

It should be noted that Cindy ran her Personal Best time of 49:50 as did I at 39.27.  The bridge/hill isn’t too bad (150 up over 1 mile) and the wind this year was a factor going up and coming down the bridge (headwind).  King’s Street always lasts forever but the finish was much closer to Market Street than I ever remembered.  The only slightly-difficult logistics were regrouping at the ONE Chik-fil-a cow (there were FOUR of them) and getting to the buses which seemed further away than I remembered in the past.  Hanks, the rooftop bar and the beach at Wild Dunes were all their usual greats…as was the impromptu Publix sub we had on Saturday mid-afternoon.

A slideshow of the pictures can be found by clicking this link.

As always, all of our pictures can be found via Flickr at this link.

Details on my running for the few that may be interested are here.


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