Spring In My Step – March 2011

I can’t remember a more beautiful spring in the Charlotte/Fort Mill area.  Maybe it was a long winter?  The house has been opened up for weeks which maybe is making me appreciate the sounds and smells of Spring more?  The lack of the sounds of air conditioners running or maybe the lack of the drain from my wallet as they run?  All likely contributors to the greatness of this spring.

What have we been doing this spring you ask?  Glad you asked.  Springfest in Baxter followed “Beertopia” in Baxter (we didn’t make this event) which followed St. Patrick’s day in Baxter.  March was clearly the month of “fests” in Baxter.  At Springfest Will and Stewart got to show off their abilities in Tae Kwon Do and march in the parade.  Baxter loves a parade.  Never in a million years would I have predicted they would take to Tae Kwon Do like they have.  For that matter, I never really thought of me supporting it.  The idea of teaching kids to kick and hit things…hmmm.  But the real lessons are in respect for the instructor, self-discipline and self-confidence.  Their instructor is pretty amazing as she does cool things like rewarding kids for having good relationships with siblings and parents at home.  All upside.  I know I’ve written about this here before but it still impresses.  I’ll lay off the topic for the next update.  Maybe.

Will also took a step closer to being confirmed later this Spring.  The Reconciliation box is checked.  This means you meet with the priest, Father John, and you ask for penance via confession.  Will wouldn’t divulge the details of his conversation but the outcome of it was he needed to discretely thank his sister for being a great sister and let her know he’s sorry for sometimes not treating her so well.  I think I can put the pieces together on what he talked to the Priest about now.  The amazing part of this process leading to his first Communion and Confirmation is that I have learned all along the way with him.  The other amazing thing is listening to Will rattle off the various prayers he’s had to learn.  Hail Marys, The Prayer of Contrition, The Our Father, etc.  He’s a smart cookie.  He’s also very interested in it all which is so cool.  Maybe our contribution to the Catholic Church?  Father Will?

Anyways – enjoy the photos of our spring so far.  Next up will be an update from our Cooper River Bridge Run and the trip Dad and I took to the Masters…might even have some camping pictures if I can remember to bring the camera.

Click here for a Slide Show of our Springtime in Fort Mill.

Click here to see all of our pictures via Flickr.


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