Stewart’s Much Anticipated 6th!

Well, only 360 more days until Stewart’s 7th birthday and don’t think for a minute that she isn’t already counting down!  We had a blast watching the excitement ooze out of her over the past several weeks and she was simply beaming (at least that’s what we are calling the face she is making below) at her Tea Party with her 12 friends.  

I also learned some things:

  • 12 6-year old girls get very quiet when they are given a craft to do.
  • 12 6-year old girls in between party events can make your ears bleed.
  • Burping and words like “underpants” are just as funny to little girls as they are to little boys.
  • I now know what an American Doll girl is and the excitement that it can bring.
  • Polly Pockets come in WAAAAYYYY too much packaging and with too many security ties.  If someone wants to steal a plastic piece the size of a fingernail and that costs $0.0005 to make I say we let them.
  • I’d be a rich man if I could just find a way to bottle her enthusiasm and zest for all things she loves about life.  Truly remarkable – I’m blessed to witness it each day.

Overall I think Stewart had a great weekend and felt as special as anyone should feel on their big day.  Enjoy the pictures and videos via the link below.

Click here to see a slide show of Stewart’s birthdays (and a few videos).

Click here to see all of our pictures via Flickr.