Christmas 2010 – So Nice!

It flew by!  It was fun! We didn’t travel – like I hardly left our street in a car!  We had lots of great food!  The kids were lost in a myriad of toys!  Tons of family!  And…wait for it…it SNOWED!  What a great Christmas season we had.  After hitting the break-even point for our fake tree experiment, and finally selling the fake tree after 3 unsuccessful yard sales attempts, we purchased a real tree!  The smell was worth the small hassle (dang needles!) and general fire hazard that comes with an actual tree.  All of our immediate family came to visit and outside of getting shut out on Christmas Eve for the Christmas Mass it was just about a perfect few days.  The traditional Christmas Day puzzle was unveiled and took 5 adults 3 days and 4 hours to wrestle to completion.  We had at least 5 consecutive meals with homemade desserts!

It was a special holiday season for us and we hope you enjoy the videos and slideshow (believe it or not I narrowed it down to only the top 1/3 of our pictures – sorry).

Click here to see a slideshow of our Christmas.

Click here to see all of our pictures via Flickr.


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