In 2011, I Resolve…

It’s that time of year again.  The time where I annoy my family with endless chatter about resolutions.  I know it is cliche but I enjoy the reset that a New Year allows.  It gives me an excuse to set a few goals, look back at past goals and accomplishments, regain focus and continue on the path of personal improvement and well-being.  Sounds a lot like I need to be saying “owoooommms” at the end of each of these sentences…my apologies to those of you who may be throwing up a bit in your mouths as you read this.  You know who you are (rhymes with ‘bendy’ and shares my address).

Speaking of my best friend, we have found some common ground on the topic of New Year thinking with the setting a defining theme for the year.  In year’s past we have had themes like “the year of reconnecting with old friends” and “the year of the electronics” (this was an especially important theme when we realized we could no longer see the 13″ TV in our bedroom from nearly any distance).  We are still “trying this year’s theme on” a bit but are thinking it will be “THE YEAR OF LESS IS MORE” (best when said in a deep booming voice with trailing echos)”  Very zen-like.  I can’t quite quantify what exactly this means yet but I liked the sound of it during our discovery phase last week.  My only reservation is that nearly everything fits into this theme.  For instance: “today I have decided not to bathe after my run.  I have mud and possibly horse poo caked on the side of my leg from a trail run.  This may impact our date tonight but in the spirit of our new theme I think you will understand.”  The application here is pure but not sure it is getting to the true goal of improvement.  Still, in the general sense and so long as it is executed properly, this theme has a good shot at sticking.  It should be noted that the “year of surviving with one less car” and the “year of eating more beans” were both quickly shot down.

Without further ado, in 2011 I resolve to:



  • Plan 1 date night per month – this used to be about getting the sitter but in 2011 this means planning the events of the date.
  • More active listening; less one-way talking.
  • Fall asleep on the couch less.  Go to bed instead.
  • Smile at and laugh with Cindy daily.


  • Be at home eating at the table for 2 weekday dinners (must make this a priority).
  • Re-establish weekly family activity night – don’t limit to only games but also hikes, bike rides, movies, etc…
  • Golf with the kids 1x per month (Mar-Sept).
  • 1×1 time with each kid outside of the home monthly – the kids build the plan.
  • More laughter and less lecturing with my kids (2009/2010 repeat – still working on it).

Health and Fitness:

  • Yoga 2x per week (get back on the wagon here).
  • Push-ups 3x per week building up to 5 sets of 30 (currently 2x at 5 sets of 24).
  • Ab exercises 15 min once a week (“you love it but you hate it”).
  • Continue no-meat diet (fish/shrimp are ok).
  • Run with Purpose – donate $2 (pre-corporate match) per mile every mile run in 2011; target 1300 miles.
  • Run sub 1:30 half marathon (either standalone or in a full)
  • Run sub-30 hour BRR with 6-man team (run sub-8 min pace for my 6 legs).
  • Register for the 2012 Boston Marathon!

Personal Well-being:

  • Continue to rise everyday at 5 am.
  • Read 18 books (up from 15 read in 2010) and continue to document via blog.
  • Work: be more confident, less fearful and have more fun.
  • Pursue “presentness” to help better engage with all people in my life (taking all tips/advice here).
  • Write for fun more (via blog) – target 2 entries per week or roughly 100 per year.
  • Visit more museums with the kids – target 6 in 2011.
  • Attend 4 concerts – I always love seeing live music and therefore I should do this more.
  • Exceed 2010 charitable giving levels.
  • Call my parents at least weekly – I always enjoy hearing from them.

I reserve the right to edit these through mid-January… Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “In 2011, I Resolve…

  1. This wouldnt all fit in twitter! 🙂 Your blog about “resolutions” was the “final” inspiration to kick #run365 in gear! As you know I just finished “RUNNING THE SAHARA”. So I was thinking “running min 3miles a day should be easy.” 6-13 miles on weekends. Basically always prepared for 1/2 marathon. But “when” to find the time!! You blogged about waking up at 5AM every day, that set me on course to be able to run everyday (I hope). So you were the FINAL inspiration to make it happen!

    A year ago this weekend I ran my first marathon at Disneyworld, but have been wushu washy at best since then. I really want to run the 40 mile race at Disneyworld someday, but I have three kids and a wonderful wife I like to see and spend time with, so until they ar older, I’m putting that hold… I’ve enjoyed following you on twitter…

    • Thank you Tim…glad to know people read my musings. Funny we both ran Disney last year. Those were 2 cold running days. Keep up the run 365…it took me several months to “train” my head that it could get up everyday at 5am.

      The hour or so of quiet (whether reading, writing or running) helps my day in a big way. See you on Twitter.

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