Turkey Day 2010 – Tennessee Style!

“Bawk-baws!  Bawk baws!” These exclamations were some of Charlie’s first words upon arriving at Shani and Joe’s place in Dover, TN for Thanksgiving.  He was referring to the dozen or so chickens that Joe was raising in a coop just down from the house.  All three kids were mesmerized by the chickens.  Stewart loved collecting an egg from the nest, Will loved feeding them and Charlie loved carefully approaching them while pointing and yelling “Bawk-baw!”

The trip was excellent and a much needed break from our day-to-day.  After a surprisingly easy 2-part drive over (and the kid-heralded hotel stay where we all found ourselves in bed lights out at 8:45!?!?) to Dover we unloaded into Shani/Joe’s amazing amazing place atop of the high point of Stewart County.  Many acres of peace and quiet, sunrise and sunsets, large fields and larger skies. They live in a very special place – one that sets a strong mold for what I look forward to down the road.  The 3-day visit was filled with great food and family.  4-generations of our family as a matter of fact!  Spending time with my Granny was the highlight – she’s such a strong 90+ year old woman with great family in her life everyday.  Spending time with Penny and her family over one of my favorite meals (soup!) was fun – especially watching Charlie and his frustration with the puppy Bella who always seemed to want one of his three tennis balls.  Penny has raised a wonderful girl in her daughter Courtney – such quiet confidence and maturity.  In one 4 hour stretch we were able to see my Aunt Linda, Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Hugh, Aunt Carol, Uncle Gerald and my cousins Joey and Shannon and their families.  Cool stuff – my mom and dad do a great job at making stuff like that just happen.  Anyways – I prattled on a bit too long here to say that Thanksgiving is one of the greatest holidays of the year.  The food is great (especially that Sweet Potato Casserole Aunt D!) but the chance to see so much family and remember how cool it is to have such a large extended family is unique to this holiday.

Thanks to all who went out of their way for us this year!  You know who you are.  It was as special of a Turkey Day as I can remember (the sappiness ends here).

Click here to see pictures of our Thanksgiving in Tennessee.

Click here to see pictures of Will’s soccer celebration and Uncle T’s birthday.

Click here to see all of our pictures a la Flickr.


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