Boo! Muhahaha!!

Halloween is cool.  Arguably one of the biggest and best holidays for our kids.  Much anticipation, much hype, being outside after dark, dressing up and loads of candy…what’s not to love?  The kids transformed into Harry Potter, Hannah Montana and some random monkey (for about 10 minutes on the monkey) for the official day.  In the days prior we saw witches, princesses and Little Red Riding Hood too.  The neighborhood came through in a big way again with a great bunch of houses to visit and a park event with our neighbors and food prior to dusk and the beginning of trick-or-treating.  Charlie made it to exactly one home – ours where when he climbed the front stairs he promptly said “buks” which means “books” which really means bed.  Good times had by all.

Also notable from the past several weeks was Stewart’s 1st Field Trip (and my first chaperoning experience at a field trip) and Emily’s birthday celebration at Carowinds.  Fall soccer wrapped for Stewart and is wrapping for Will this week.  Life here is a mile a minute which frankly is typically all good.  Pictures in the slideshow format are below – enjoy!

Click here to see pictures of Halloween.

Click here to see pictures of Stewart’s Field Trip and Emily’s birthday at Carowinds.

Click here to see all of our pictures a la Flickr.


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