Our 1st Adventure Guides Campout…ever.

The Catawba Federation of the Upper Palmetto YMCA went on our 1st ever campout at Westminister Park in Rock Hill.  This riverfront park offered the perfect location for our 1st campout as a Federation (multiple tribes).  46 total campers landed at Westminister after soccer/t-ball/football games (around noon) and left the next day sometime in the morning.  In between we went on hikes, the kids ran wild, played with the camp fire, told ghost stories, made smores, roasted hot dogs over the fire and made about 300 pancakes!

A great trip at a great location.  The perfect location for a new tribe, new federation with new campers to go given the proximity to home.  All campers made it through the night with the most important characteristic:  injury-free!  While we won’t have our next full-federation campout until next spring, each of the three tribes will partake in another camping trip and all will come together for the Fort Mill Holiday Parade in December.

I’m hoping pretty hard that this works out for us – it was a very fun way to spend the weekend in the woods with my kids, brings back big nostalgia for me and the times camping with Tim and my Dad in Indian Guides and is something Cindy benefits HUGELY from as I give her a quiet, well-deserved night to herself about once a month.  Here’s to seeing it thrive!

Click here to see the slideshow of our camping trip and some pumpkin carving festivities.

In other news, I took my first trip to Vegas last week.  Nice to say I’ve been but not my kind of town.  Good fun to be had and even better people watching but couldn’t get over how oddly fabricated it was.  I’m glad to be back home.  Looking for new blog topics – write or comment if you want some particular topics here…

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Our 1st Adventure Guides Outing…Ever

October 2, 2010 – the date of our 1st ever and official Upper Palmetto YMCA Adventure Guides outing.  23 “Braves” and 12 Dads took part in the state wide Riversweep as part of our 1st ever community service event.  Our mission:  find any trash we could at the Riverwalk portion of the Carolinas Thread Trail, while having fun and avoiding any injuries.  It was a true success on all fronts.  We were pleased to find this mission was not overly easy as the trash levels were scarce.  It seems that in its young existence the trail is well-cared for while heavily used.  We did manage to pick up about 30 bags of trash (think shopping bags) while getting to know our Federation (full group of Fort Mill Adventure Guides) a bit better.

The Upper Palmetto YMCA has been incredible with their support and our 3 tribes continue to grow and gel together.  We doled out our new t-shirts to those who attended.

We will hold 3-4 federation events where all three tribes come together and another 4-5 tribe-level events where the local tribes will drive their planning and events individually.  On deck we have our 1st Federation campout to somewhere local (we’ll stay close to work the kinks out) preceded by our 1st Federation-wide tribe meeting. I’m looking forward to seeing where the 1st year of Adventure Guides in the Fort Mill area can take us.  So far the kids really seem to be enjoying it which is the overall goal.