September 2010 – Goings-ons

We’ve been busy.  The start of school brings on a lot of “goings-ons”.  To name a few: meet the teacher, curriculum reviews, school birthday parties (yep, Will and Stewart’s school turned 10 years old this year – unbelievable that I remember it being built), Will’s birthday parties (3 at home, 1 at school), soccers (Will and Stewart) started again, The Blue Ridge Relay (more on this in a bit), Adventure Guides, Faith Formation, Theatre-going (Mary Poppins) and Tae Kwon Do.  There’s never a shortage of directions to go.  What there is a shortage of is Cindy and I being in the same spot together.  We actually joke about having 5 uninterrupted minutes and talking as fast as we can to get caught up.  The beauty is that I think this means we are very, very fortunate.  If our time being filled with family stuff is the worst problem we have…

So, I’m going to share some pictures below on these activities (some of which are documented better than others) and will try my best to summarize it in one line (I will cheat a bit with links to other more detailed places).  I hope you enjoy keeping up with the Sutton’s.

Click here to view the slideshow of the kids at Mary Poppins the Booster-a-thon (thanks again donors), Tae Kwon Do and other events.

Click here to see details on our Blue Ridge Relay Run (sometimes Cindy and I have to go to extreme measures to get 1×1 time…) on a side note, you might enjoy the humor about this event in this post from a fellow competitor…

Click here to the slideshow of Grammy and Poppy’s visit with the kids.

Click here to see all of our pictures a la Flickr.