School’s In Session!

Almost 2 weeks ago Will and Stewart BOTH headed off to the same school for 2nd Grade and Kindergarten respectively.  WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!?!  Watching my little girl climb from the car in the carpool drop off in the morning, hug my neck from the back seat and walk out of the car without ever looking back almost made me pull the car over and take a moment.  It is amazing to see how proud she is to be joining Will as she walks into elementary school.  Outside of the normal first week bus shenanigans where they sent our kids home on separate buses the first day, then reversed the situation and sent them home on separate buses (the other bus for each of them) the 2nd day and then delivered them home 30 minutes later than expected, but on the SAME bus, the 3rd day.  Smooth sailing ever since Cindy put in a call to the head honchos.  Everything seems to be going well now except Stewart may not be following the rules to the exact letter that Will tends to – this is cause for some interesting conversations between the two of them about walking in a line, or talking when the cups in the cafeteria are on red or screaming with the rest of the bus when the bus heads down the huge hill in the neighborhood.  Oh yeah, there’s some pics of Charlie mixed within as well.  Enjoy!

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