My India Chronicles: Day 3 A Work-day in Hyderabad


Where Am I Now?  Again in Hyderabad, Madhapur India aka Hi-Tec City (South-southeast side of India closer to the Bay of Bengal than the Arabian Sea. 

Where Have I Been?  Nice to actually unpack a bit – back to the daily hotel bender tomorrow (Tues).  Sleeping still isn’t great – getting about 4 hours a night.  I am crazy tired each night only to get back to the hotel room and get a second wind or insomnia.  Slept about 4 hours before giving up at 5am (7-ish pm ET) and getting up.  Yesterday I met my peer Tracy for a run at 6am…an outdoor run.  I definitely got the impression folks in India don’t see this much.  Nor do the stray/wild dogs as they enjoyed chasing us but never seemed to get to close.  Might be different if I rubbed down with bacon prior as these dogs look hungry.  Of course, we aren’t running outside of the protected confines of the Mindspace facility here. 

Mindspace is a corporate park with every known company imaginable located here.  Not quite gated, it definitely isn’t what I would consider public domain either.  All of the corporate buildings are heavily secured starting at the street and then it seems to get heavier as you move into the buildings.  “Tailgating” into doors once in buildings is strictly prohibited.  Unlike in the US, when you do it you will be chased down by one of the guards.  Crazy. 

Anyways – after what is now becoming a normal brunch-like buffet breakfast of every food imaginable, we wandered over to the office for a 12 hour day of meetings, meet and greets, presentations, etc.  The folks here are very hospitable.  After the day it was back to the hotel for another brunch-like buffet and then back to the room with a touch of a funny stomach.  Not quite bad, but definitely not great.  Oh yeah, and Champagne and Chocolates which is usually how I roll anyways.  No idea why it arrived here but not complaining about chocolates showing up randomly in my room.

Here are some of the thoughts I remember:

  • Running outdoors for fun/sport in India is not common…it might not even be good for you as the smog/exhaust is pretty heavy.
  • Monday mornings in the corporate workplace are the quietest of the week…24×7 work here takes a pause on Sunday nights.
  • Workers walk, ride bikes, have drivers drive them but few actually drive themselves.  Busing is popular as well.  Most walkers/bikers carry a plastic shopping bag full of stuff.  I am tempted to ask what is in it…
  • Stray dogs/wild dogs are pretty tame but abundant.  You would almost think like the cow, they too are sacred in India.  That is until you see the utter disrespect drivers have for them as they zoom by.  For that matter it isn’t like the dogs are in a rush to get out of the way.  Most lounge carelessly in the middle of the road.
  • During our meetings a “tea butler” (think white gloves, bow tie, jacket) delivers tea in cups with milk and sugar to your liking about every 1-2 hours.  Not a bad feature.  I wonder how the folks in the US would take to me recommending this practice?
  • Bottled water in the corporate-park-land is everywhere.  This makes sense since the local water is something we are instructed NEVER to drink without boiling, but still isn’t your greenest practice ever.  Don’t ask me where these bottles end up – you won’t like the answer. 

Today’s Food Intake: I got a bit aggressive with the food today and may pay for this move later.  I will be pulling back a bit tomorrow to more of the bread diet from days prior.  I sampled and definitely enjoyed the local Indian vegetarian cuisine at every meal today.  Lunch onsite was likely the best Indian I have ever eaten.  We are still avoiding any raw fruits and vegetables but the spice may be getting me a bit more than I would like.  

No pictures today – no cameras allowed in the facility.  Stay tuned. 

Tomorrow’s Destinations:  NCR Facility in Hyderabad and then off to Bangalore tonight



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